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    There’s no doubt at all that the Indian film Industry has become richer by getting talents like Katrina Kaif, Jaqueline Fernandes and now Nargis Fakhri from across the borders. But, there are unfortunately many who raise their voice against Bollywood embracing anybody without considering their nationalities or antecedents. Music, fine arts, films and literature are fields that go beyond boundaries. Do we think twice before reading Shakespeare, watching James Bond or listening to Michael Jackson? And we don’t object to Anil Kapoor acting in an Oscar-nominated film either.

    Nargis Fakhri’s candid tete-a-tete mesmerised me. Through her honest interview she emphasised that although she played an introvert in her first film, she cannot be muted by the presence of big stars around her. I especially liked her comment, ‘Love yourself first’. I believe in this a 100 per cent – you cannot expect love from others unless you love yourself.

    I would also like to compliment Verve for rejuvenating my memory through the classy conversation with Akash Khurana and his sons, Akarsh and Adhaar. It was yet another great edition of Verve!


    It was a delight to discover Nargis Fakhri’s and Neha Dhupia’s go-getter spirit and zest for life. I also want to applaud the triumvirate act of the Khuranas – The Three Aces. It is rare to see such talent and versatility in a single family.

    Madhu Jain, in her inimitable style, unmasked our hidden narcissistic behaviour in It’s All About Loving Yourself. Self-love indeed seems to be the modern catch line!

    And the impact of those cinematic characters in your ingenious Bollywood Style Awards, enhanced by the sartorial style quotient is commendable!

    I immensely enjoyed Annie Zaidi’s short story as well – The Inverter, a bitter-sweet, poignant tale of unrequited love,

    You have remained true to the theme of love on every front. This is where you excel, by bringing out every nuance, keeping the Verve spirit in mind!

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