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Now Online
Aditi Singh's first response to such suffering is a resonant silence - NEW!
My Deep Fried Life
Mekhala Bahl's interpretation of the horror that unfolded - NEW!
Justice League
Faiza Butt's groupings that throw open the issue of visual perception - NEW!
Terror In Vrindavan
Krsna Mehta's reaction to a tranquil place marred by violence - NEW!
Tracing An Ancient Error
Santosh T.V.'s revelations of a war-torn past and terror-infested present - NEW!
String Theory
Jaideep Mehrotra's maps where border lines are but strings in a game - NEW!
Taj Under Attack
Ajay De's depiction of grimness, fog and an eerie darkness - NEW!
There Is A Bomb In The Dustbin
Satya Sai's close study of people's interaction with the local bin - NEW!
Warrior's, At What Cost?
Deepak Shinde's use of the animal as a tool to express human emotions - NEW!
Boy Without Reflection
Ranbir Kaleka's metaphorical use of multiple reflections - NEW!
Hollow Roots
Sunil Padwal's humble request to the political establishment and to mankind - NEW!
Sink And Float
Dhruvi Acharya's metaphors for greed and corruption - NEW!
Half Windows
Shilpa Gupta's rendering of loss of people in a conflict - NEW!
Avenue Paulista
Sarnath Banerjee's surreal reportage with a trace of irony - NEW!
Laura Nichol's lines on the importance of staying connected - NEW!
Visceral Expression
Designers transfer their feelings of outrage to creations crafted for Verve - NEW!
On Stands Now
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