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February, 2014
Volume 22, Issue 2

The word love has so many facets wrapped around its four letters that it may be impossible to define it in a single meaning. And yet, wise minds proclaim that love is actually quite simple. As any living being needs nurturing and care for it to grow healthy and strong, so do relationships.

January, 2014
Volume 22, Issue 1

There is a story inside each one of us. And possibly a dream, which if it comes true will lend itself to a story. Sometimes, we share our stories willingly (or unwillingly), and sometimes they just tumble out of our thoughts surprising us with their intensity and depth.

December, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 12

This month Verve turns 18 and I am proud to have witnessed its birth. In an era bereft of a qualitative social chronicler that could give a wider perspective of a dramatically changing India, Verve encapsulated all that was new in luxury, lifestyle, fashion and story-telling; the quintessentially Indian publication to stir the imagination of the well-read, well-travelled, free-spirited woman of the ’90s.

November, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 11

Does true luxury, in all things that matter, inhabit an insulated place? A sort of pretty bubble from which even the most privileged have to step out now and again into the heat and dust of their immediate surroundings? Think disembarking from a custom-designed aircraft interior in gold leaf and mother-of-pearl (yes, this exists!) into pot-hole-dodging Mumbai traffic.

October, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 10

I have often wondered whether women who are publicly feted for being perpetually well turned out feel a twinge of pressure each time they step out of their homes. When they test danglers against a drape or colour block the handbag with the serrated wedges, does it occur to them that they are going to be mentally summed up and possibly stalked by the paparazzi?

September, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 9

At the India Bridal Fashion Week I encountered two gloomy brides-to-be. One of them was being reluctantly led away by her mother from the seduction of velvet and mokaish of a lesser known designer towards the tanchoi lehenga of his more famous counterpart.

August, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 8

Tradition, not to be confused with conservatism, often draws us in to stay in touch with our roots, or increasingly, rediscover them. In urbane India, nowhere is this more overtly obvious than in fashion. The fitted churidar, Patiala salwar, peekaboo petticoat, lace border, have all undergone several avatars over the decades to return to their beginnings.

July, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 7

How does one define Art? For the artist it is a passionate form of expression, real or imaginary and very often, a reflection of the times. For the viewer it is akin to Beauty that lies in the eye of the beholder, which may stir his emotional, intellectual or commercial quotient.

June, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 6

Power-packed women pack a punch, we know, but are they larger than life? Barring some hugely self-absorbed politicos, most of the power elite we zero in on are very real. Many of them are powerful nurturers of home, hearth and ambitious career moves, achieving strategic balance between the personal and the professional.

May, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 5

Goa-based designer Wendell Rodricks says that he consciously blocks out fashion from his home so that he can separate the professional from the personal. But an aesthetic heartbeat cannot be banished with a shrug. Style, which is often synonymous with fashion, permeates to the core of the true aesthete and can be chanced upon in varying areas.

April, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 4

Sitting here in Mumbai as the temperatures rise slowly and unmercifully, as they do in other parts of ‘tropical’ India, I often wonder why we ‘battle the heat’ every year with collective sighs and resentful shrugs. The challenge, in fact, should be how to up the cool quotient in summer and not just by twirling the AC knob.

March, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 3

Indians have always been hugely travel-friendly. The heavy embossed trunks may have given way to trendy lightweight totes but the enthusiasm of exploring the unknown – and the familiar – has not waned.

February, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 2

One of the most common cravings, universally, of a romantic heart is that of finding – and cherishing – a soulmate. That flesh and blood human being who instinctively resides within your mind and body completely in tune with your inner self, even if not always agreeing with its workings and vice versa.

January, 2013
Volume 21, Issue 1

Like a new bud about to bloom or a caterpillar trembling out of its cocoon, is there an anticipatory hush before every sunrise? Do we wonder about the unpredictable rumblings that await us or do we want to crawl back into the familiar safe womb of yesterday? There are people who find themselves huddling on a hill just to be able to witness the birth of a new dawn of a new year and lock the memory for life.

December, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 12

December is the month when the festive season reaches a crescendo. As the sparkle of Diwali just about begins to fade into dusk, planeloads of family and friends swoop into the city turning their backs on the cold winds of the west to whoop it up at an overwhelming line-up of sangeet practices, cocktail evenings, three weddings a week, Christmas brunches and New Year shindigs.

November, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 11

All over the world the concept of luxury is changing. It has, today, moved beyond the swishy set of wheels, brochure-dictated homes, skiing holidays and the other sparkling facets that complete a diamond-studded lifestyle. Luxury now means living in a universe where design rears up its inspiring head to give you a tingle of pleasure.

October, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 10

It is often believed that ‘Best Dressed’ women are quite blasé about fashion and style. That bequeathed with an innate flair for colour and drape, they instinctively create a look for themselves that the mirror approves of and leave home always – and ‘effortlessly’ – well dressed. Not completely true.

September, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 9

The New Age bride has come upon a new challenge. For a few years now, she has been in control of every single moment leading to the big day, with her support staff of family and ‘soul sisters’ at SMS distance, earning herself the title of bridezilla. With the blooming wedding industry throwing out fresh baits of designer jewellery, ramp-worthy ensembles, gourmet cuisine and novel venues, the dilemmas for her just keep getting tougher.

August, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 8

Sania Mirza is by all accounts a tough nut to crack who doesn't wilt easily under pressure. With Olympian goals in sight she displays nerves of steel on international courts with the world watching every master stroke. And never mind the nationality of her spouse, Sania is our homegrown Hyderabadi who has vociferously made it very clear for whom she is playing.

July, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 7

How does one define well-being? Is it a healthy body, an inner calm, a spring in the step? Perhaps it is also a state of mind. And yet, we don’t feel it all of the time. An upliftment of the spirit comes with gliding in perfect tandem with the universe and revelling in the small and big joys that life deals out to us. The word, I think, then is balance. Regaining equilibrium when it falters, or accelerates.

June, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 6

Our annual Power List of the year gone by is always selective — and subjective. And restricted by the number 50. In a one billion plus population, millions of women navigate rudderless situations and organisations, to actually transform into true leaders and role models themselves, influencing the way the world around them thinks and acts.

May, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 5

Has Indian fashion come of age? The way the fashion industry has been strutting its stuff on and off the ramp lately it would appear so. Career milestones have highlighters (and high fliers) spinning around them and anniversary celebrations trip over each other calling out for serious attention.

April, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 4

After the first few hesitant steps, an exploration into the unknown can be quite heady. Like a toddler who trips on sandy gravel and comes upon a scuttling crab while a burst of sea spray moistens her skin. That little tumble forgotten in that moment of wonder.

March, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 3

The fascinating aspect of travelling anywhere out of your comfort zone is the handful of surprises that often await you, no matter how elaborate the planning. The nasty ones could be flight delays, or worse, the flight packing up for the month! But a delicious serendipitous turn of events…that becomes memorable.

February, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 2

Valentine’s Day groupies would have the world believe that the month of February is tenderly brushed with the colours of romance and passion and the mood is all about love. A record number of proposals, engagements and weddings jostle for dates and venues and when it is a leap year as in 2012, there’s even an extra day at your disposal!

January, 2012
Volume 20, Issue 1

If January is the month for making fresh notes on the yearly calendar and updating telephone numbers and email ids, it is also the month of serious fortune-telling. All over the world, astro columns in dailies, weeklies, fortnightlies and monthlies stretch themselves across reams of newsprint with forecasts for the future

December, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 12

With the end of the year nipping at our heels, moments of reflection traipse into our everyday thoughts. How do we define the 12 months gone by? The highs, the lows, the constants. If we were to capture the essence of a year in a bubble what would it contain?

November, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 11

An avid peruser of our publication, completely clued into fashion and trends, pretty Bollywood starling and enthusiastic, young aspirant to Verve’s annual best-dressed list, is unknowingly the main contributor to this column this month. I reproduce our recent conversation.

October, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 10

Recently, I was privy to a very special bridal collection. In terms of material value it probably accounted for almost nothing but in terms of preciousness, it is priceless. Over three large cups of cinnamon cappuccinos, the raconteur,  married for almost 12 years, shared some unforgettable moments of the big day and those leading up to it.

August-September, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 8-9

Verve's 100th Issue.

July, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 7

They make for some pretty pictures. In one, raindrop-laden white blossoms droop slightly against tall glass windows. A dewy-fresh lawn leads to a heated pool, at the edge of which rests a tray of coolers and a much loved classic whose pages flutter in the breeze. On the cushioned bench, a reflexology session keeps the feet in a state of suspended pleasure.

June, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 6

Talent is often never enough. But when talent meets passion and is fuelled by ambition, success is usually a willing ally. And the power to influence sort of seeps in. Kareena Kapoor is powerful in her sphere today because, having proved herself in a demanding field, she commands a price she deems fit, has releases in the coming months with all the mighty Khans and wields the baton of fitness and vegetarianism to a number of open-mouthed women who lovingly nourish the sites and fan clubs they have set up in her honour.

May, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 5

Tarun Tahiliani recently kick-started his summer collection of mulmul and khadi ensembles on the ramp to the booming tones of spirited qawaals. Neeta Lulla’s soft and flirty designs were serenaded by a saxophone artiste and Salman Khan’s Being Human show last year will be remembered for its high-decibel value where a kiddie band enthusiastically heralded a Bollywood ‘rampage’ with grinning stars sporting the actor’s paintings on varied cuts of clothing while he applauded his own casting coup of sorts.

April, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 4

It must have been the month of April beaming forth in all its sunlit glory that inspired the term ‘An Indian Summer’.  Clear, cloud-free skies, purple bougainvillea nodding in the warm breeze, beach shacks being swept of their cobwebs...

March, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 3

Travel is almost always more about association than destination. No matter how many CDs or albums we jam with photographic evidence of our sojourns, to download or flip through at whim, memories of journeys made are very often kick-started by a single incident, an emotion or a story.

February, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 2

When Heath Ledger’s character steps out of his bad boy shadow and serenades Julia Stiles in a very vocal rendering of Can’t take my eyes off of you to the amusement of their classmates in the ’90s teen flick 10 Things I Hate About You, it has to be one of the most romantic moments that a girl dreams of. Even if at that time the girl wants to shrink into the ground with embarrassment.

January, 2011
Volume 19, Issue 1

If the ‘New Year’ was a tangible entity it would wake up from 2010 with quite a hangover – sky rocketing air fares (the Langkawi-headed diverted to Alibaug), overpriced fine dining (and they don’t even use that much onion), acquisition scams (mostly of the makaan variety), the collapse of newly erected bridges (which shook the capital’s common), Bollywood ‘blockbusters’ busted by the audience (Kites, We Are Family, Guzaarish, Raavan, Action Replayy) and more....

December, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 12

It’s that time of the year again. When many of us do a ‘backflip’ through our calendars and pause in reflection at what has gone by and how we felt. These could be exulting in simple moments of joy, negotiating tough personal terrain, surviving deep tragedies or achieving an unforgettable milestone.

November, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 11

The Good Life, always covetable, is becoming more and more accessible to those who can afford to buy it. Luxury in modern India has traversed far beyond owning the odd Birkin or Porsche. From a single high-maintenance ‘object’, or many such, luxury is today an enviable lifestyle statement within reach or just about. And everything comes super-sized.

October, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 10

Verve’s annual Best Dressed List has, we learn, become the raison d’etre of many a conversation outside the confines of our sunlit conference room. “Why was I not on the list last year?” demands an indignant socialite. A curious reader emails: “So, everyone who is featured has to be ‘branded’ from head to toe?” A debutante on the Bollywood firmament gushes, “Gosh, I made it!”

September, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 9

It’s upon us again. The big fat Indian wedding that throws newer and newer challenges year after year to the burgeoning wedding industry, which actively blooms in the coming season. Once the rock flashes its 1.5 carat brilliance from a slim finger, preparations for the big day and its satellite evenings begin

August, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 8

Confidently poised on the brink of the top global ranking, first-time Verve cover girl Saina Nehwal, all of 20, epitomises India’s spirit of buoyancy today. Of being up there. Of coming first. Of winning. Her sunny temperament and enviable focus fuel her passion for the game where every shuttlecock that flies off her racquet hardly ever loses its way

July, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 7

Fashion shows and film award functions…fitness regimes and instant indulgences…the business of Bollywood and holistic living... new friends and old relationships.... Her life is a mosaic of myriad hues that turn her calendar into a whirligig of experiences.

June, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 6

Power is the ability to make things happen. Or not. It is being in a space where an act of will, sheer genius of thought and strong belief in self can pave new paths or rein in a human-driven crisis. Power is leadership when people actually pause to listen – and begin to re-evaluate their way of thinking.

May, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 5

‘Fashion is such pressure,’  groaned a style-attuned friend as she kicked off her stilettos in the elevator and wandered into her flat barefoot, to the astonishment of her maid. When she had changed into baggy shorts and a loose top (which looked quite ‘fashionable’), we played a little game.

April, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 4

Olympic winner Abhinav Bindra who writ his name in gold followed his heart and chased a dream. He pursued his adolescent fancy with such enormous zeal that after 15 years of focussed practice, a moment in history became his alone. And in spite of the dilemmas, conflicts and insecurities he continues to face, his journey to fame is far from over.

March, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 3

Pune’s Koregaon Park holds special meaning for me. I lived in Lane No.1 for 21 years and German Bakery had not even been conceived. The land it stood on till some weeks ago – and one on which it may well rise upon again – was a vast empty plot, with a small house at the far end and a squat bungalow at its corner where resided a bunch of schoolmates.

February, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 2

A friend of mine, while sipping her green tea one chilly December morning, discovered, to her horror, a clunking sound in the spoonless cup. Lifting out the tea bag gingerly, she peered groggily at the solitaire entangled in its string. The chuckle from behind her was from her husband of 25 years.

January, 2010
Volume 18, Issue 1

A new year comes upon us every 365 days and brings with it the promise of all things new. Is it possible that things can change every few months, not just the old supermarket’s new mall avatar but expectations and hopes and desires?Suddenly in the month of January, we look forward to ‘refreshing’ our lives; we anticipate a pleasure, chase a new dream and await the realisation of one, if not both.

December, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 12

Last year at this time our lives had changed forever. As with everything else it has endured, Mumbai got back on its feet, but for those of us who lost friends and loved ones, something changed after these particular terror attacks. Everyone internalises tragedies differently, but for me personally, I decided to value each moment and try and live it to the fullest. I also resolved to look for the good and the positive among all that was out there in the world.

November, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 11

There has to be a sense of mystery,” she intones, weaving her charm around us, zapping us with those smouldering doe eyes. She is the antithesis of the ‘socially networked generation’ that keeps fans enthralled with their hour-by-hour updates. A child-woman combination: the dimples in a captivating impish face reach out to you as if wanting to say something, but with firm, resolute determination, Deepika Padukone keeps interest at bay.

October, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 10

Maybe it is strange to link global fashion with global warming, but that’s exactly what I propose to do in this column. You can write a letter to the editor if you think I’m losing it (and win yourself a free gift in the bargain!) or flip some pages to ogle at the Kunal Kapoor pics in this issue’s supplement, but for now, since I have your attention, just hear me out a bit, okay?.

September, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 9

It is appropriate that I am writing this column in the midst of a full-blown desi wedding in New Jersey. I have just finished day three – a fabulous garba night, where hundreds of jewel-bedecked guests twirled the night away, after feasting on pan-Indian cuisine at different food stations.

August, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 8

I have a hoarse voice and sore throat from all the partying that I’ve been doing all July, and if you call me right now, you might be mistaken in thinking that you have reached the voicemail of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan from Agneepath...

July, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 7

I used to be big on birthdays, anniversaries and other significant dates but some years ago, ennui crept in. These things seemed to be a drag. They were alright for other people, but for myself, I felt that I’d much rather acknowledge the event privately, without a fuss...

June, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 6

I am typing this column after walking through the Christian Lacroix costume exhibit at Singapore’s National Museum. I remember being mesmerised by Lacroix’s couture fantasies as a child and having the chance to soak in his award winning stage costumes up close is a privilege...

May, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 5

Cochin in early April, coasting on the still Kerala backwaters, wrapped by a blue sunlit sky. It is early in the day by my holiday standards, and way too early by any standard for Vikram Chatwal, who’s at the wheel of my speedboat. We’ve been partying all night at his just launched Dream Hotel and it is good to escape for a bit from the adrenalin-pounding non-stop jamboree

April, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 4

An annual issue dedicated to travel seems like an anachronism in a time when travel is such a regular part of our day-to-day global lives. Yet, the quest to see other places and through these journeys, to understand others and our own selves, could hardly be more pertinent.

March, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 3

I like the word spring. It carries such promise with it. Spring is the season of dewy newness. Winter is on its way out and summer is still far away. Spring is the beautiful in-between period of wonder and transformation, of Holi and basant, of crispness and vibrancy.

February, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 2

Even before the recent global economic meltdown, Newsweek magazine, in a cover story titled ‘Stealth Wealth’ (July 9, 2007) wrote about how ‘the best things in life aren’t necessarily flashy objects, but discreet meaningful experiences’.

January, 2009
Volume 17, Issue 1

For three days the terror-scarred dome held steadfast in Mumbai’s night sky, a sentinel to human courage, a witness to helpless dying. In the face of an unprecedented attack, Mumbai’s silent skyline stood intact, but the fairy tale of our home was ripped and the city’s soul lay shattered; its lonely lanes and gullies were shrouded by fear, the fear of dying in that split second when life was complacent with the seemingly normal.

December, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 12

2008 has been the year of financial highs and lows. From the giddy summit of January to the current turbulence, as the stock market fluctuates wildly and corporate plans get redrawn, one calm face reassures us time and again. Shereen Bhan. Parmesh Shahani trails business television’s
enigmatic sweetheart.

November, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 11

It is an ordinary Thursday. What makes it extraordinary is the glitter of star power that suffuses the morning with a powerful glow. The lithe, dusky beauty saunters into the make-up van, face barely visible under her enormous shades, dressed in “comfort clothes” – leggings and a long spandex top in her favourite colour, black – after a late shoot the previous night.

October, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 10

Karisma Kapoor may have given the silver screen a miss these last few years, but she cannot escape the public gaze as she continues to redefine and grow her sense of style. Here is up-to-the-moment dressing ensconced in a gentle vibe from another era, discovers Shirin Mehta who probes the reclusive fashion diva’s style depths.

September, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 9

On the face of it, the September issue can easily be passed off as another regular attempt by editorial folks to synchronise editorial content with the mood of the season; so we have the gorgeous Ameesha, as she now calls herself, on this month’s cover, draped in an exquisite bridal lehenga.

August, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 8

Everything about the August issue of Verve is counter-intuitive. At a time when size zero has become somewhat of a national obsession with women, we have the curvy and sensuous Chitrangda Singh on our cover this month.

July, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 7

July is a month of uncertainties. We are at the mercy of the rain gods. It pours for a week and suddenly, our pristine black and white spreadsheets turn into soggy, waterlogged ambitions.

June, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 6

The women on our list this year are special not only for the positions they inherited, the authority they wielded or the accolades they amassed but also for being who they really are and what they stand for. Tough, resilient, focussed women with an unwavering commitment to excellence, they influence the world around them and make a difference to the lives of others.

May, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 5

Every year, as the fashion weeks in Delhi and Mumbai wind down, the high streets and stores begin humming with fashion talk. Who were the designers to watch out for? Did the old guard live up to their revered reputations?

April, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 4

In April, as the sun blazes down declaring that summer is here, fashion is all set to warm us with happy hues and colours that brighten and enlighten our lives. It is to complement this balmy mood around us that we decided to put together an issue that captures the ‘Lightness of Being’ in life and living.

March, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 3

Much like Verve’s unusual cover character this month, an amphibian creature that lives a double life, being able to survive both on land and water, is the spirit of Verve which always straddles two worlds: style and substance, fashion and thought, celebrity and merit.

February, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 2

Many images of Bollywood have remained with me as the ultimate fashion moments. Memorable from among them, are Madhubala’s flowing kalidaar kurtas and kohl swept eyes in Mughal-e-Azam;

January, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 1

Come January and it’s the season to bring out the crystal ball and gaze into the future. At Verve, this mythical crystal ball gets passed around the editors and each year they come up with unique prognostications for what lies ahead.

December, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 12

There is a palpable mood of excitement in Bollywood these days. Madhuri Dixit is back! And with her the era of the diva returns. Every once in a while an actress appears who combines grace and charisma, mystery and allure all translating into an unforgettable screen presence.

November, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 11

Get out the bling handbags and metallic make-up; the season to glam up is here. Once again shine makes a comeback in fashion and beauty; the sure-fire mood lifter as we crescendo on New Year’s Eve. Till then, it’s shimmer all the way.

October, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 10

India is all about cricket and Bollywood,” declares Deepika Padukone, the leggy, 21-year-old, to Verve’s fashion editor during their freewheeling chat for this month’s cover story. But how could a supermodel who has set the ramp on fire believe that anything exists beyond the world of fashion?

September, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 9

Naked people have little or no influence in society’ said Mark Twain in the same breath as his pithy statement, ‘Clothes maketh the man’. Columnist Madhu Jain supposes Twain meant that ‘clothes bestowed individual marks of distinction or power on bare bodies’.

August, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 8

Everything is a brand these days. A restaurant is a brand. A chef is a brand. I like to think of a restaurant as a place I can go to for a good dining experience and not as a venue that could ‘enhance’ my lifestyle.

July, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 7

I am not much of a mountain climber and the closest I have come to trekking is charging up two floors, from my office on the third floor to the one on the fifth, stilettos and bones intact.

June, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 6

When I look back and try to recall some previous issues of Verve, I find that they remain lodged in my memory not by month of publication or date of release, but by some special association of a story, a cover shoot or a fashion spread.

May, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 5

Luxury is the new word in town. It's spilling out of every local mall, it's the hot topic at conferences and it's at the tip of every marketing manager's tongue. Suddenly we seem to have woken up to the idea of the luxury brand, the luxurious spa and the luxe hotel.

April, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 4

March was a month centered on sport. A large portion of the population followed with hope, the swing of Sourav Ganguly's bat out in the tropical pitches of the Caribbean, while back home in Mumbai, polo was the flavour of the month.

March, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 3

At the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, the world could have taken any possible shape; it was all a matter of inspiration. On a busy afternoon at the Congress Center where power networking reaches new heights..

February, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 2

On January 15, we moved into our new offices. It was a seminal moment. Initially, many, along with me, had a look of disbelief. We felt as one does in a dream, that any minute we would wake up and confront a different reality.

January, 2007
Volume 15, Issue 1

What does this have to do with editing and publishing a magazine? Two things; first is the fact that at Verve, in a sense, each month is a microcosm of beginnings and endings. But, as we put one issue to bed and start working on the next, the boundaries of time actually get blurred.

December, 2006
Volume 14, Issue 7

On my recent travels to New York and Milan, I came across two vastly different experiences that you can have, as an Indian overseas. In New York, I saw Mira Nair's The Namesake, which brought home the chilling loneliness of an immigrant Bengali family that lived in a suburban home, where the distance from Kolkata hung in the air like unspoken words that can be heard even through the silence.

November, 2006
Volume 14, Issue 6

This issue of Verve is a landmark one for many reasons, but among the most important one is that it heralds our going monthly. If I were to transport you behind the scenes, on any given day, you would find our team intently revisiting the importance of a unique editorial thought process that guides the magazine, be it in writing, photography or design. We debate, question and investigate the parameters for a cover story.

September-October, 2006
Volume 14, Issue 5

I have edited Verve for nearly 10 years now, without ever forgetting that the creation of content is an art form. Stories may seem to materialise magically from a tiny germ of an idea that crops up at an editorial meeting but they also spring from a finely honed instinct or nose for the story.

July-August, 2006
Volume 14, Issue 4

It's high time I got my own identity," remarks the young and light-eyed Ash look-alike, Sneha Ullal in an interview to Verve, which opens the much-followed 'Very Verve' section of this issue. Within the same section, 50-year-old photographer, Ram Rahman admits, "My work reflects my perception of the world…."

May-June, 2006
Volume 14, Issue 3

Having recently attended two fashion weeks, back to back, in Mumbai and Delhi, I have come to the conclusion that fashion has nothing to do with reality. Before each show commences, a hushed darkness descends on the ramp and women in the audience can shut their eyes and let their imagination run wild about what to expect on the runway.

March-April, 2006
Volume 14, Issue 2

This has been the year of India. There is no doubt about it. We had a three-day visit by the President of the world's most powerful nation who was bowled over by our desi brand of pomp and circumstance, as Rashtrapati Bhavan feted and welcomed him and his wife.

January-February, 2006
Volume 14, Issue 1

Power in women is attractive, or so we discovered as we compiled our list of 25 women who we think embody enduring influence in their respective spheres of operation.

November-December, 2005
Volume 13, Issue 6

There was a time when a stroll down Madison Avenue and Avenue Montaigne was necessary to get a whiff of international fashion. Not any more. It's all happening here and Verve brings the latest, all to your doorstep. As this issue will once again confirm to you, Verve is your window to the world.

September-October, 2005
Volume 13, Issue 5

Creativity, as we find, can be unleashed by any one of life’s many experiences and sensations. Even food is a wonderful stimulus to get those creative juices going. Blame it on the season, you can. Read this issue of Verve and make the monsoon your muse!

July - August, 2005
Volume 13, Issue 4

Through the interviews, features and columns in this issue, Verve brings you new insights to help you come closer to yourself and your own individual forms of creative expression.

May - June, 2005
Volume 13, Issue 3

Fashion is about buzz; it’s about glamour, it’s about power, it’s about glitz and about sequins and skin and stilettos and spunk. We have improved our skills to display fashion and exhibit a look and can now compare with the gurus in New York, Paris and Milan.

March - April, 2005
Volume 13, Issue 2

Age-wise, one of the biggies hit thirty and it was only natural that we invited actor-of-the-moment, Preity Zinta, to celebrate this eventful time in her life, with Verve. We outfitted her in pretty pink, because her candyfloss girlishness is very much there, as is her megawatt smile.

January - February, 2005
Volume 13, Issue 1

Verve brings a promise of hope, that the bougainvillea will grow again and the beaches will be populated once more. New Year is indeed a new dawning and, in this issue, we offer you a gamut of our very own feel-good prescriptions to make new beginnings. So, re-enter the world, re-enter yourself, with Verve.

November - December, 2004
Volume 12, Issue 5

In this issue, we have taken the first step in shifting the paradigm towards the edgy, unconventional side of urban life; through a remarkable story of co-existence, of young revering old, of style toasting tradition. And there is no better example than Avanti and Yash Birla - established enough by way of inheriting the grand Birla mantle.

September - October, 2004
Volume 12, Issue 4

While putting this issue together, we concluded that a true goddess of today is a woman who is so much in tune with herself. She is, in fact, the woman of her own dreams. And, in realising this dream, the biggest life-giving force is her femininity - mythical and intuitive.

September, 2004
Volume 12, Issue 3

In this issue of Verve we have attempted to define, explore & exhibit 'India Cool'.Find out whats so cool about personalities like Farhan Akhtar, Priyadarshani Raje Scindia, Mandira Bedi, and many others. Verve discovers that the the Queen of Cool is no other than Nita Ambani.

2nd Quarter, 2004 2nd Quarter, 2004
Volume 12, Issue 2

Verve celebrated the summer with an issue that is an ode to the rose - from fashion shoots to stories. Meet Irrfan Khan, Simone Singh, Tarun Tejpal, Akshay Kumar and lots of budding stars.

1st Quarter, 2004 1st Quarter, 2004
Volume 12, Issue 1

In this diva special issue meet Madhuri Dixit, Mehr Jesia and Sanjna Kapoor. We catch up with other divas that have been on our pages.

4th Quarter, 2003 4th Quarter, 2003
Volume 11, Issue 4

This star studded issue brings you exclusive interviews with Urmila Matondkar, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Our fashion team plays with black and white, pink satin and gold.

3rd Quarter, 2003 3rd Quarter, 2003
Volume 11, Issue 3

In this 25th issue of Verve, look back at 25 of the most memorable men that have been on our pages, take a trip down fashion's memory lane and get stunned by 25 fashion frames that have been on our covers since the inaugural issue.