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Of(f) The Ramp!
Text by Nasrin Modak
Published: Volume 19, Issue 5, May, 2011

A dreamer and a dream catcher, fashion choreographer and director of shows at Fashion Weeks, Shyamlee Kalra revels in the ways of the industry

Known as an industry kid, Shyamlee (fondly called Shy) who doubles sometimes as glamorous electrician, started when she was 16, assisting senior choreographers and event directors. Back then, there were just a handful who knew their craft. “I realised the need for change, so I took up the challenge to train myself.” She travelled to Asia, Europe and the USA on various projects, studying and attending workshops. She aimed to come back and dissolve the concept of a “single fashion choreographer appointed for a show” and train programmers who could coordinate various verticals.

Former model, Feroze Gujral gave her the direction and strength to create the division called The Production House, a boutique company that’s a non-profit venture that hosts some of the best fashion and lifestyle events in Asia and Europe. “My unit provides job opportunities for the skilled.”

When not working, Shy packs her day with a schedule to meet friends and family whom she has ignored for days, tries to eat meals at home, goes shopping with the girls and catches up on spa schedules, takes a long afternoon nap, test drives new cars, watches TV non-stop and day dreams. There are times when she just goes to the Lotus temple or a Buddhist monastery to experience silence.

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