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Tales From Different Cities
Text by Nasrin Modak
Published: Volume 19, Issue 5, May, 2011

Pictorial biographies, underworld strife, metro romances and emotional accounts, Verve handpicks something for everyone....

Manju Kapur

Random House India
Told with nuance, sympathy and clear-sightedness, the authorís fifth novel confirms her reputation as a chronicler of the modern Indian family. Itís a story of how family-love can turn into a fixation to possess children, body and soul. Itís also a chilling critique of the Indian judicial system. The novel is certainly more than just a social commentary.

Inside/out New writing from Goa
Goa, 1556 Publishers

When 29 writers including historians, food and travel writers and photographers contribute essays, short stories, photographs and novel excerpts on Goa, what you get is a heady anthology thatís hard to put down. Wendell Rodrickís first-person narration of his entry into the fashion world and Amitav Ghoshís long-term fascination for nautical dictionaries are fun reads.

Billy Arjan Singh: The Tiger of Dudhwa
Shaminder Boparia
Harper Collins Publishers
The pictorial biography documents the work and experiments of Billy Arjan Singh, a hunter who later turned to wildlife conservation and his focus to save the national animal. For those who donít know, he is the only person in the world known to have hand-reared a tiger and returned it to the wild. The book is therefore a tribute to Singh and his sensitivity towards tigers.

The Good Muslims Of Jackson Heights
Jaysinh Birjepatil

Penguin India
A devastating portrait of our divided world, the book is a story of Jackson Heights, New York and its residents, Siraj and Shabnam. Just as they learn to settle post their enforced exile, Siraj is falsely accused of being involved in a terrorist plot to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, pulling him back into the primitive shadows of 9/11. And the plot thickens.

Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas
Madhuri Banerjee
Penguin India
Laugh your wits off with this rollercoaster ride of sorts. Itís the story of an interpreter who after several attempts, gives up on love and, on her 30th birthday, decides to take matters in her hand. Love or no love, she resolves to lose her virginity. Life, however, has other plans! Packed with ideas and ethics, each new day competes with the last one to make her re-evaluate life, and love.

Mafia Queens Of Mumbai: Stories Of Women From The Ganglands
S. Hussain Zaidi with Jane Borges
Tranquebar Press
Against the backdrop of criminal drama, this collection of stories displays the vivid world of women linked with underworld men. They are the ones whoíve sometimes lead, and often manipulated, gangsters to run their own illegal businesses. The authors brilliantly explore how, in cold blood, these women were able to make their way up in what was certainly a manís world.

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