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For All Times!
Published: Volume 19, Issue 5, May, 2011
Exemplifying the iconic spirit of the brand, Breguet’s Classique 5717 Hora Mundi watch is the first mechanical timepiece with an instant-jump time zone display

Proud standard-bearers for Breguet’s traditional values and watchmaking skills, the Classiques epitomise an over 200-year heritage and features that have defined the art of horology itself. The new Breguet Classique 5717 Hora Mundi watch, introduced at Baselworld 2011, is one more gem in the brand’s prestigious collection. It is made of precious materials: 18kt red gold or 950 platinum. Technologically, it is the first example of a mechanical timepiece with an instant-jump time-zone display which allows the traveller to display the time in two pre-selected time zones, changing instantly from one to the other simply by pressing a button, without disturbing the operation of the watch.

Its finishes – a translucent lacquered dial and more – make it the first choice of those who value beauty. The watch has a sapphire caseback, a number of sophisticated touches such as a thin, rounded bezel, a case middle with fluted sides, and added soldered strap lugs. The display uses the famous Breguet hands, recognisable anywhere by the ‘eccentric moon tip’. Indeed, a watch to be worn on any continent, in any time zone.

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