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Verve Line-Up
Published: Volume 19, Issue 3, March, 2011


On a breezy February evening, Verve hosted the launch of a new collection at New York based diamond rings specialists A. JAFFE’s Hughes Road store in Mumbai. Inspired by the history and dynamic qualities of New York City, the Heritage Collection consists of four categories – Classics, Art Deco, Seasons of Love and Metropolitan. The soirée saw stylish guests eagerly peering through the display cases and marvelling at the offerings in-between snippets of conversation. Priyanka Choksi-Mehta, the effervescent business head of A. JAFFE in India played gracious hostess by showing her guests around and tirelessly re-telling the story behind the inspiration as the lovely ladies present listened with rapt attention.

While the white marble and wood flooring created a sense of warmth and necessary chic, the powerful halogens illuminated the diamonds on display, making them sparkle invitingly. Jewellery buffs tried on rings, exclaiming in delight at the sight of them upon their fingers, wine flowed and tiny trays of delicate goat’s cheese and rocket lettuce sandwiches as well as tiny, crisp coin pizza made the rounds. Gourmet caterers 1Tablespoon paid great attention to detail, ensuring the food was delicious.

With stunning pieces inspired by the Empire State and Chrysler buildings in the Art Deco collection, to a beautiful piece inspired by the spiral shape of the Guggenheim Museum in the Metropolitan collection, A. JAFFE seemed to have struck the right note with guests.

Viviane Stéphan, Gayatri Khanna, Shahnaz Mahimtura, Geeta Narang and Anjali Bajaj were seen admiring the jewellery on display. Meanwhile, Uttara and Rhea Bhandare and Devika and Bunty Khanna engaged Priyanka Choksi-Mehta in conversation. Indira Bhojwani, Anjali Mathur, Malini Agarwalla, Sangeeta Mehra, Kanan Udeshi and many others hobnobbed the evening away.

Shobhaa De said, “I loved the event. It was exceedingly well planned and tasteful. From the product range, I liked the eternity bands and the fun, fashionable ‘stackable’ rings with champagne diamonds. The store looked festive... even romantic!”

Gauri Kitchlu, Communications Manager at the Oberoi Group, said “I like how they’ve encompassed two key elements of New York’s history into the collection – the classic as well as contemporary. I’m an ardent New Yorker and the energy and beauty of that city is spectacular.”

Additionally, the wide range of chocolates, macaroons and sorbets from Debailleul were a hit with the guests who kept coming back for more. The Belgian patisserie chain is brought to Mumbai by Karen de Souza, who has worked under a Michelin star chef and is well versed in the fine art of Belgian chocolate-making. Debailleul is slated to open a store at Prabhadevi soon and you can be assured of the most sinfully delicious fare.

To celebrate the season of love, A. JAFFE in association with Verve held a ‘Legendary Love Story’ contest. These are their love stories...

Shobha and J
First prize winners

J and I met at our parents’ insistence. After an initially awkward date, consisting of deliberately expressing nonchalance and a blunder-filled discussion on books and cricket, we began to open up to each other. We spoke of our college days, beaches, music, pubs, sunsigns and so on. Later, he invited me over to his place but I dodged the question. After a short silence, he said, “so...”
“I need a week to think,” I replied.
“For what,” he promptly asked. “To see if you want to come home with me to meet my mother?”
We both burst out laughing.
Sadly, before we knew it, it was time to go home. However, we realised we didn’t want the date to end!
Now, eleven years later, we have a beautiful 8 year old daughter. Of course, we still fight, cry, laugh and sulk. But then again, which couple doesn’t?

Akshata and Abhijeet
Second prize winners

Abhijeet’s and my story began with a heavy dose of serendipity. He used to play cricket with my brother and his friends in our building’s lane. I used to watch them, or rather – him. Love-struck, I was depressed when I heard he had a girlfriend. When I mustered up the courage to ask him, I discovered it was just a rumour. So, I confessed my feelings for him and to my delight, he admitted that he too felt the same! We have been in love ever since that day of heady teenaged confession and are now happily married.

Ranjana and Sushil
Second prize winners

I met Sushil 35 years ago. I was appearing for an exam and he was the invigilator. I was nervous and he offered a helping hand by way of sage advice. After the exam, I joined the office where he worked, but we never interacted unless work demanded it. However, on the day I left to join another office, it dawned on both of us that we had feelings for each other. Gradually, our love grew, and is still growing to this very day. We are now married with children and grandchildren and we still regard each other not only as husband and wife but also as best friends for life.

Sybil and Randall
Third prize winners

Randall and I first met when I was waiting for the elevator and he was rushing down the stairs. We saw each other and smiled. For three years, Randall was away on a ship, but had then decided to stay back. Later I discovered that he was in town to get married. I was heartbroken. I prayed to God – if I can’t have Randall, then no one else should. We started chatting over Facebook and got to know each other. Soon, we fell in love. One evening, next to a beautiful Christmas tree, Randall proposed to me and sang me a romantic song. We have been happily married for over a year now.

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