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Lost In The Time Of GPS?
Text by Sohini Datta
Published: Volume 19, Issue 3, March, 2011

Travel with family, pets or best yet... alone... but never without your GPS!

It’s ok if you don’t like reading maps, most people can’t and some just won’t. We also understand if you think your soul is a compass and needs nothing else but the heart to follow. But sometimes, standing in a cold railway station in far away Eastern Europe, biting into a pretzel just because your organs are freezing…you realise that you are just being an idiot.

Imagine this: you are in Kraków, Poland you have no map and it’s raining icicles. So instead of walking up to the first grocery store, opening a map and asking the teller to show you where you are, I urge you to switch that iPhone on! Call a ‘Taxi in France’ or translate with a ‘voice translator,’ if looking for an ATM just use ‘Show Nearby’. An app for your every need is the world we live in. Maps are just ancient tools for retired people.

If you are absolutely creative and single, then maps made out of paper that were once trees, are a great way to meet people. Fumble with it long enough on a paved footpath with the correct ‘helpless’ look on your face and sooner than you think there shall be a gorgeous grad student to help you out. Just make sure you secretly know where he’s taking you. Visit a market square you have already been to just yesterday, sip a little wine there, buy a souvenir here...

Nothing like a stranger, hot coffee and history to make the perfect vacation and a GPS-enabled phone to always look out for you.


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