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Goodie Bag
Text by Sohini Datta
Published: Volume 19, Issue 3, March, 2011
Verve puts together tips for looking great, picks of the season and luxury spots to relax in....

It’s fresh, it’s lady-like…like a midsummer night’s dream, sweetly scented. With L’Eau d’Issey Florale, Issey Miyake reinterprets Eau d’Issey, their classic scent, in a younger, more floral and sparkling version. This lively, limpid and luminous fragrance was composed around a barely opened rosebud, enhanced with spicy, aquatic notes.

Egyptians were known for good hygiene. They made a cleansing paste with water combined with natron, which is a compound that occurs naturally in sodium bicarbonate. After a bath they oiled their skin with frankincense and myrrh, probably because they lived in hot and arid climates.

Chique Salon and Spa nestled in leafy Pali Hill, Bandra is Mumbai’s new hotspot for all the beauty essentials. The salon carries only the best products in hair care such as L’Oreal, Fudge and OPI. Internationally trained stylists and a spa using Dermalogica make this a haven to remember.

The key word is ‘papaya’. Named as the fruit of the angels by Christopher Columbus, this is your one-stop shop for a healthier lifestyle. Eat it, apply it as a pack, use the skin on wounds that don’t heal fast…the advantages of the fruit are numerous. Better digestion, anti-ageing and boosting the immune system is all just the tip of the benefit iceberg.

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