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On A Summer Holiday
Text by Sohini Datta
Published: Volume 19, Issue 3, March, 2011
Take a cue from the season’s trends by changing your colours according to the destination. Sohini Datta prepares a checklist of all you may need while drawing your holiday itinerary this summer...

Like the Baz Luhrman song went, ‘Trust me, on the sunscreen.’ Let technology blow your mind as global warming plays spoilsport, make sure you never leave the house without sunscreen.

Dermatologists say rubbing sunscreen on the skin may decrease its protective effect. When coated with a thin film without rubbing, free radicals produced in the skin on exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) light decreases substantially. Fewer wrinkles, spots and a lowered risk of skin cancer are just some of the advantages of sunscreen to begin with!

We are the children of the sun and summer deserves the endless hours by the pool with an ice-tea. If you’re packing your bags for vacation, then it’s time to explore the make-up looks that are made for your destination. From a peach pink farm retreat to a red hot, bronzed-up city girl – with every journey, just like your clothes, let your make-up match the ambience too!

Ski holidays
It’s cold and the cuppa hot chocolate has your name on it. You have your snow boots on, but is the skin on your face and fingers peeling off?

  • Don’t forget to indulge in a tub of intensive moisturiser made for such chilly temperatures.
  • Keep a creamy hand cream handy.
  • Try frosted nail polish and pastelise your make-up palette.
  • Give the retro pinks a twist and work with a mix of textures and finishes.
  • A matte lip with a super sheeny skin brings memories of the 70s in an ice cream cup. Go on, be the Snow Queen!

Beach babe
Soak in the sun and the mojito, go play some Frisbee or dip into the delight of the ocean. Just as you pack in that bikini, remember to give your make-up bag a revamp for the destination.
  • This season bronze has been given an intelligent rethink. Caramel shades, monochromatic faces are all in.
  • Give your face a soft toffee coloured sheen and stock up on the bronzers. Go for the mineral ones without the sparkle and achieve the wonderful tanned shades.
  • Use a sunscreen with high SPF and keep re-applying if you are in the sun too long.
  • A lip balm or a gold-tinted gloss is just about enough for the look!

Big city girl
Is a buzzing new city on the itinerary this summer? Make sure to pack in enough pollution fighting creams and some hot red lip colours to paint the town red!

  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – every day in every mood, feed your skin! Find your type and stick to the one that suits your skin.
  • Red lips are so city, so neon lights, casinos and high fashion cosmopolitans. Try a fuschia pink to pop the girly girl in you!
  • Carry a set of false lashes, curl them up...apply lots of mascara and you are good to go!
  • The night repair cream is important for your skin to rejuvenate from all the travelling and late nights out!
  • Use an eyebrow pencil for a fuller, more 70s brow.
  • Try metallic eye-shadows and extend the eye liner to create dramatic evening looks!
  • Flying can always be fun!
    Sitting in claustrophic planes for long flights is one of the biggest banes of travelling. We understand how the skin loses years in the recycled air. Form a checklist to fight the airless travel!

  • Carry a scented moisturiser. It doubles up as a light perfume and keeps your skin scented and hydrated for long hours.
  • Wear socks on those dainty feet to keep them covered. The moisture stays locked in and the feet remain happy as day, when you land.
  • Put your hair in a bun to prevent tangles while cosying up in the seats.
  • Drink lots of bottled water. Remember it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey. Eat light before you travel. Avoid salty foods, because they retain water and make you swell up. Scrub and apply a hydrating mask the night before, so that your skin remains supple and stress free.
  • Carry stick or tube foundations and a palette of nude cream eye-shadows and blush. A moisturising tinted lip balm is a must. These help do a quick touch up just before landing.
  • Road tripping!
    The best part about a road trip is the wind in your hair and the sun in your eyes…but no one wants to look like a homesless kitty by the end of it! Find quick solutions before you hop into the car!

  • Use ribbons, hair bands to pump in some colour; maybe a beautiful silk scarf, whatever you do, just remember to keep the hair tied and out of your face. Keeping it covered will help keep off the dust!
  • Carry aquatic, fresh, floral perfumes with you. A whiff and spritz of that on your skin will instantly work like a mood lifter!
  • Try a light bronzer for the sun-kissed look.
  • Keep the eyes nude with some mascara. A light gloss will match it perfectly. After all, no one wants to be decked up for a road trip!
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