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Where Are You?!
Text by Sohini Datta
Published: Volume 18, Issue 12, December, 2010

Everyday life is now an installation in the web-gallery of the world. Please tweet a photo next time you brush your teeth, we’re watching you...

Lately I have been rather obsessed about disclosing my location over the internet. Sometimes even as desperate to check-in to a railway station through Foursquare. The bright notifications on Twitter and Facebook will let the whole world know what a happening person I am. A friend sat me down a week ago. “If I go through your Facebook, I know what you are doing every single minute of the day and night. It’s worse now that I even know where you are. Is this fun at the sake of your safety?” Nouveau disco parties, dinner parties, movie dates… my life is now an ongoing showreel. Come one, come all! I am not the only one out there; this seems to be the Exhibitionism Era, circa 2010. This year location-based social networking site Foursquare will hit the four million user mark. According to Mashable, Foursquare is now adding close to 20,000 users per day! Welcome to stalker’s paradise.

For nouveau psychos
As a new-age psycho we must inform you that Internet is the best place to prey. Forget the old habits of Hannibal Lector, no woman no matter how drunk will not get into dingy looking cars these days. Instead, follow them closely on social networking applications, and every time they check-in to a location, your joy will know no bounds! You have their picture, you have their tweets and you also have their location! (Can we hear fluttering in your heart?) All you need to do is sharpen your knives.

For non-stalking innocent budding exhibitionists
Wear your lives on your sleeveless we say! Just don’t dress up for a party, but buy a bling cover for your Smartphone only for such occasions, after all, that’s where all the action is! Watch out for photo-bloggers, flashing little blasts of phosphorescent ecstasy at parties, they promise you more than 15 minutes of fame. They’ll tag you on Facebook the next day, so in case you are still learning the ropes of the game, we suggest you dress appropriately.

For singles
Meet new singles close to you through Foursquare or Twitter! First follow them on twitter. Then add them on Facebook. Their entire world will open up to you. Photos, family history, pets, you will feel what we call the ‘Google effect.’ With as much information about that person as Google has, set up a Foursquare date, or better just surprise them the next time they check-in to a café near you! Scary! Note: If we used the same energy for working out our relationship with the real world by now we would all be neither single nor a psycho.

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