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Bash It Up!
Text by Sohini Datta
Published: Volume 18, Issue 12, December, 2010

Kick your heels and pour out the champagne as Verve scours the party circuit for the quirkiest themes this season

The party genie has entered the building, digging up old themes and inventing new ones all so that this party season is like no other, the kind that you will talk about way into the summer.

You, the Rock Star
There is a music legend in all of us, crooning snappy numbers, signing autographs, living in mansionsÖthe works. Donít deny yourself the high life. Even if you are a boring banker by day, clear your throat, throw your shy capes away and be the ultimate crooner by night. Get hold of a karaoke set and call your fellow hummers over. All night long, shout out your favourite songs and top it up with many shots of alcohol for the perfect tune. Do look up music videos, so that you are prepared when your fans start tearing their hair and clothes out!

Artistic Indulgence
This is a theme where everyone gets to draw! If you arenít already clapping your hands and exclaiming, Ďoh joy!í then let us explain. As a theme you can gather your sketchbook around and draw each other at the party. After five glasses of bubbly, of course we donít promise the sketches to be very precise but they would definitely make uber-cool return gifts.

Now this is one of the most popular themes in college dorm parties, so we will brush you up on it. ABC stands for Anything but Clothes. So this is all about the quirkiest costumes ever. From age five if you have always wanted to dress up like a teapot, this is your chance to go all out. Of course, if you are throwing the party, inform everyone way ahead, so that you have everyone land up in the right costumes.

Must-have Moustache
This is just the way it reads; everyone indulges in their favourite moustaches for the party. Get yours before you plan it and keep some spare, in case people land up without one. Inked and metallic varieties will only add to the glamour. So, dress in your fanciest Prada outfit and towering Louboutins, pour the champagne and yet keep your moustache on. Add a bit of Jane Austenís novels, by making sure that everyone comes formally dressed. For a real surprise, why donít you get all the moustaches and surprise your guests!!

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