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Of Recollections And Reconnections!
Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena
Published: Volume 18, Issue 12, December, 2010

Artist S G Vasudev, who is showcasing over 100 works in a solo show this month, on his varied creative expressions and experimentations...

He is on show in the city in one of the largest exhibitions with over a 100 works. The artistic offerings encapsule the essence of his creativity that has expressed itself in a variety of ways over the last 40 years. S G Vasudev answers questions about the magical mosaic he has created and the emotions and moods that have inspired his artistic endeavours.

Over the years you have used different mediums. What dictates the choice of your medium?
I learnt drawing and painting in the College of Arts, Chennai. The college had a department of crafts where we were taught techniques like batik, enamelling, ceramics, copper work and woodwork (carpentry). We had the freedom to try our hand at various things and my interest in diverse mediums developed. Ultimately, it is the excitement that dictates my choice of the medium.

Copper plays an important part in your creative expressions.
At that time, a group of nearly 30 to 40 artists made a cooperative and started working in other mediums such as batik. This was primarily to make money for ourselves. In the ’60s, we had literally no sales of our art works and so we tried different experimentations. Copper was one of them. It proved successful. Then we thought of getting a place to work and live. We bought nearly 10 acres of land on the outskirts of Chennai, and called it the Cholamandal Artists’ Village. And once we knew that we could extend our art to any craft, I learnt how to beat copper. I realised that it would could go well with my style of drawing and I could explore it to express myself much more creatively.

What is the central theme of this exhibition?
I have worked on various themes from the late 1960s – Vriksha (The Tree of Life), Maithuna (The Act of Love), Humanscapes, Inscapes, He and She, Earthscapes, Theatre of Life. I have very aptly called this show Recollections Reconnections. One can see in this exhibition the various themes that I have worked on. But, it is not a retrospective!

Where: Recollections, Reconnections at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. When: December 7 – 16, 2010.

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