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It List
Published: Volume 18, Issue 12, December, 2010
Verve picks the raison d’être of a fabulous life

1. ED Hardy –
Love & Luck

This is a scent of the Far East. Full of life, this tantalising cocktail of bergamot and blood orange is reminiscent of Japanese blossoms. Alluring musk and patchouli leave a deep ethnic trail. Soak in the scents of ancient Japanese culture.

2. Clinique –
Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector

Uniquely formulated to work day and night to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, they promise results remarkably close to a dermatological laser treatment. With just three drops twice a day for only 12 weeks, this could be a magic wand!

3. Estée Lauder –
Pleasures Bloom

If the pretty pink flower on the glass bottle wasn’t enough to take your breath away, then wait till you pour some of that heavenly scent on your skin! As pure as it’s floral, a new hue to the old favourite of Pleasures comes into our lives like a fresh whiff of summer. Let the rich floral and fruity fantasies spoil you.

4. Lancôme –
Teint Miracle

Ten years of research and seven patents pending, the first foundation that recreates the aura of perfect skin has finally arrived. Infused with active ingredients and SPF 15, its texture hydrates skin intensely for 18 hours and protects it under the sun. Your skin has just found a best friend!

5. Chanel –
Sublimage Essential Revitilising Duo

Extracts from the golden champa of the Himalayas and the vanilla planifolia from Madagascar have been enriched with the goodness of everything else required for mythically perfect skin. Let yourself be pampered!

6. L’Occitane –
Immortelle Divine

Straight from the Corsican lands, discover the myrtle organic essential oils with extraordinary powers of longevity and regeneration. Neatly packaged, in what promises to be an exceptional anti-ageing care, it’s time to enjoy immortality!

7. M.A.C –
Venomous Villains

Fairy-tale villains go glamorous with this new collection. Carry the faces of evil vamps with you in a purse and bite into the red, red shades. From rich plum blushes to metallic peach glosses, they have it all!

8. Hermès –
Voyage d’Hermès

Travel on the notes of this scent, as it transports you to imaginary worlds, smells and colourful dreams. An infectious mixing of genres, this is mystical woody and fresh. Unisexual and yet faithfully masculine sometimes, and elegantly feminine at others, this is the perfume for the soul.

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