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Off The Shelf
Text by Nasrin Modak
Published: Volume 18, Issue 11, November, 2010

Verve picks out the eclectic reads of the month – ranging from a historical narrative to a slice of contemporary India and a tale of intrigue and romance

Shadow Princess
Indu Sundaresan
Harper Collins, India

Enriched with historic details from 17th-century Mughal India is a story of two princesses and their fight to be the rightful heiress in the shadow of the striking Taj Mahal. Illicit royal affairs and imperial betrayals are included.

Battle for Bittora
Anuja Chauhan
Harper Collins, India

Replete with political rivalry and sexy romanticism, the book is a quick, humorous and exciting take on new India. Ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon read.

Beautiful from This Angle
Maha Khan Phillips
Penguin, India

The novelist’s debut offering is a satire on Pakistani page-3 culture; it zooms in on the glitz and dark side of their hi-fashion, drugs, feudalism and the search for love and happiness.

Mumbai Fables
Gyan Prakash
Harper Collins

A crisp examination of Mumbai through the eyes of its myriad inhabitants, the book takes a quick look at the city’s present and gradually goes back into its past to reveal the diverse tales that have made the metropolis what it is.

The Absent State Insurgency As An Excuse For Misgovernance
Neelesh Misra and Rahul Pandita
Hachette India

Just when you start to believe that everything’s well in our country, along comes this literary work that tries to make absolute sense of the turmoil of our times.

The Emissary — A Tale of Love, Vendetta and War
Aniruddha Bahal
Harper Collins, India

From an exhilarating chariot race in Olympia to Alexander’s encounter with the Persian army, the story is a mélange of treachery, violence and military conspiracy. The narrative keeps the interest alive till the very end.

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