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In Time On The Track
Published: Volume 18, Issue 11, November, 2010
Timing is crucial for any sporting event. And, with its dedication to precision in action, Tissot, fulfilled its role as the Official Timekeeper of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 with élan

The Commonwealth Games 2010 operated like all sports events do on split-second timings, for even hair breadth-differences make all the difference between a gold and a silver, a silver and a bronze. Tissot, the innovative watch brand from the world’s largest watch conglomerate – The Swatch Group – played out its role on the platform with unerring timing as around 17 sporting disciplines and thousands of competing athletes relied on its precision to determine their fate.

Over the years, Tissot has displayed its affinity for accuracy in action and has also lived by its passion for sports timekeeping. Before this edition of the Commonwealth Games, Tissot had entered into official timekeeping partnerships with MotoGP, FIBA, the World Championships of Cycling, Fencing and Ice hockey. And lest we forget, the AFL and CBA entrust their precious timekeeping and data handling to the Swiss brand. In fact, the multi-product brand has clocked time for the world’s most renowned sporting events like the Asian Games, Doha (2006) and the Pan American Games, Rio de Janeiro (2007).

Tissot’s participation in all these events gives it a platform that brings it closer to its fans worldwide. So, whether you are a part of the audience at the live action or watching it from the comfort of the living room, you cannot miss the timekeeper’s presence in the arena. Interestingly, Tissot watches have also been a vital part of the world’s most adventurous explorers’ equipment, individuals who have conquered terrains in regions ranging from Mount Everest to Siberia.

It is well acknowledged that a second, nay even a part of it can make the difference between winning and losing, between getting a medal and fading into temporary oblivion. It is also of immense importance in maintaining statistics and records, in analysis that become a part of sporting history. It is this record that is tracked faithfully for years by fans, sportspersons and the like as one event succeeds another with regularity. Collaborating with its partner and fellow Swatch Group Company, Swiss Timing, Tissot has blueprinted the required information technology-based systems to allow everyone to analyse and partake of contemporary dynamic and energetic sports.

Countless aficionados watched the Commonwealth Games as they unfolded in New Delhi a short while ago. Taking place every four years, the event is ranked as the third-largest multi-sport event in the world, after the Summer Olympic Games and the Asian Games. Hailing from a variety of countries, the athletes vow to participate in a spirit of friendship and fair play. Like all major sports events, the athletes take an oath at the beginning of the games – pledging their support to true sportsmanship. And Tissot is there, well-equipped to lend its able support to the spirit that permeates the tracks, the very air, with its contemporary technology and uncompromising precision.


It was destined to be more than a local brand. Charles-Emile Tissot, son of the founder Charles-Félicien, implemented plans for expansion beyond the Swiss borders. In 1858, he left Le Locle with a sample of pocket watches to travel to Russia, the land of the Tsars. There Tissot savonnette pocket watches came into their own. A huge success with the Russian bourgeoisie, special editions were created for the Tsar and his officers. Charles-Emile Tissot then he travelled to the USA, Latin America and Europe, winning a number of laurels at exhibitions on the way. The brand’s love of exploring new terrains lives on.

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