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Goodie Bag
Text by Sohini Datta
Published: Volume 18, Issue 10, October, 2010
Verve puts together tips for looking great, picks of the season and luxury spots to relax in...

Get gadget friendly for beautiful skin as you try the new Panasonic Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer which allows you to get a relaxing facial in the comfort of your room. The steamer gives out minute particles which?infuse the skin with?lots of moisture.?The result is reduced pores and younger looking skin in minutes!

A major must-have of the 18th century were perfumed gloves! They were scented through a time- consuming process of soaks in various essential oils. Some were even soaked in special waxes so that they would not only make the hands smell divine but keep them baby soft!

A quiet haven of calm and rejuvenation, Caressa Day Spa in suburban Mumbai is the first spa in India to offer the rope therapy and an alpha and derma capsule treatment which promises to rejuvenate your skin to what its tone and texture was years ago.

Letís solemnly swear to kill frizzy hair and banish it from the face of the earth. One sure-shot way is to use white vinegar in the shower. Simply apply it directly to hair and scalp before shampoo. Not only is vinegar great at reducing frizz but it also removes build up and adds sheen, leaving your hair super-soft!

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