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Girl With A Diamond Ring
Sensuous and dreamy…Verve follows the uninhibited young bride playing with a pastel palette, ethereal yards of net and lace, and a handful of luscious jewels... - NEW!
The Whiteness Of Being...
Eight designers re-interpret the bridal gown with their distinctive aesthetics... - NEW!
New prowls to source for your hubs. The Verve list of the nouveau spaces... - NEW!
Trend Forecast
Colourful borders are simple yet impactful - NEW!
The arrival of the wedding and festive season requires you to stock up on goodies and gifts - NEW!
Sylvan Glow
Our bride awakens from the dreams of Shakespearean verse, soft and blushing, swinging a careless braid with flowers in the hair... - NEW!
It List
Verve picks the raison d’être of a fabulous life - NEW!
Beauty Men
With essences that create a subtle impact and a flawless appearance, the bridegroom is bound to make heads turn on his special day - NEW!
Goodie Bag
Verve puts together tips for looking great, picks of the season and luxury spots to relax in… - NEW!
Warm Accents
The launch of Bulgari Man this year has created a ripple in the world of fragrances. As notes of bergamot and violet leaves float about, the perfume of the new man settles softly on the skin - NEW!
Royal Romance
Breguet’s delicate and graceful wristwatch has its origins in a historical gift - NEW!
Always A Bridesmaid
Verve finds out how to keep looking great all through the wedding season - NEW!
Of Sugar And Spice!
From red wine pedicures to sweet and spicy scrubs, there are a host of new therapies that a bride-to-be can indulge in. Sohini Datta lists some of the hottest options - NEW!
D - Day Diva!
From gems to glad rags, the connoisseur of the ‘I do’ experience has all the aces up her sleeve... - NEW!
Fabricated Fantasies
The annual extravaganza of the most expensive, exclusive and exquisite sartorial creations was an opportunity to embrace heritage crafts, showcase technical skills, innovate and awe... - NEW!
What's In A Drape?
Verve’s girls dip into their tryst with the fabric that India – and all Indians – love - NEW!
Family Jewels
Isharya, the current international fashion jewellery favourite, picks out traditional Indian craft procedures and contemporises them into trendy delectables - NEW!
Notes On Nardin
Kelaine Roethlisberger, brand manager, Ulysse Nardin, explores the fascinating past and present of one of luxury’s signature names, in a conversation with Verve - NEW!
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