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It List
Published: Volume 18, Issue 8, August, 2010
Verve picks the raison d’ętre of a fabulous life

1. Avon –
Anew 360° White Clarifying Cleanser

Take the day off with the brand’s new cleanser which boosts your skin with a daily dose of highly concentrated wrinkle-fighting and age-spot reducing technology. Being water-based, it does not leave the skin feeling oily and sticky. Just the health drink to end the day with!

2. La Prairie –
Cellular Serum Platinum Rare

Platinum – one of the world’s most precious metals – gives its essence to this ultra-luxe serum which helps maintain the skin’s electrical balance in order to preserve your natural beauty and youthful appearance. For, only the finest deserves to touch your skin.

3. Thalgo Cosmetics –
Oxygen 3-Defence Cream

A deep hydrating cream, it promises to combat the effects of pollutants and free radicals that accelerate the natural ageing of the skin. With this cream, don’t worry about the pollution as you morph into a busy bee!

4. Comfort Zone –
Aromasoul Indian Body Cream

With eau vitale, rice milk and essential oils of lemon, basil, cardamom and others, this nourishing body cream promises to revitalise and tone the skin. Lose yourself in the magical aromas of a distant time.

5. Maybelline –
Colour Sensations

Fall in love with multi hues all over again with this gorgeous range of lipsticks that come in 33 stunning shades. The formula delivers perfect coverage with smooth, rich colour from the purest pigments. Create you own palette!

6. M•A•C –
Made to Order Lipstick

This creamy, coral lipstick is made to order from the Pręt-a-Papier colour collection which derives inspiration from paper. Indulge in the seamless spectrum of parchment-to-vellum beiges and corals for the authentic ethnic look.

7. Givenchy –
Play Summer Vibrations

Colour and joie de vivre, electrified with a touch of adrenaline, are on the agenda this summer with this new fragrance embodying the blazing vibrations of the sun at its zenith, vitalised by an intense current of freshness. Enjoy the energy-packed spirit!

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