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Published: Volume 18, Issue 8, August, 2010
The unstitched national garment gets moody this monsoon

Wind up, unwind...

It is not about what you wear, but how you wear it. This is the season’s mantra for the sari, as displayed by our designers on the runways. Team the six yards with a bolero/ bomber/ waistcoat for a lightly layered feel. Lift up the pleats for a tiered skirt effect. Add a belt for some structure. Do a loose cravat drape or bandage an extended pallu. Create a soft sleeve illusion with a brooch. Wear it with trousers, or let a printed petticoat show. Be crisp and immaculate, or go all grunge. Reflect your mood of the day.

Gild it up

Love for the precious yellow material is expressed by our couture-poets. Satin and lurex create fluid fantasies. Sequinned surfaces make you a formidable cast-metal mannequin. Laces and cutouts evoke memories of jaali windows in ancient palaces. Brocade and lamé make majestic appearances. Gold, this season, comes in many shades – a whitish hue, a yellow tone, an antique appearance, a rosy touch or a blackened feel. Team up the regal shade with neutrals, or go solo. Wear it proud.

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