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Published: Volume 17, Issue 11, November, 2009

Sangita Sinh Kathiwada, director of Morarka Cultural Centre of NCPA and owner of pioneering fashion house, Melange, believes in the power of ethnic purity and respect for the environment

In 1993 when graphic designer Sangita Sinh Kathiwada started Melange, it was the realisation of a dream that wove together a fine mesh of local tradition and global vision. And soon, Melange became a destination for fresh talent and design. Two years later she established the Morarka Cultural Centre of NCPA, a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing about a synergy between rural artisans and urban designers. Presently, she is involved in the restoration of a family-owned property in Madhya Pradesh into a world class wellness centre with complete focus on organic farming, health and sanitation.

Some of Morarka Cultural Centreís highlights include:

The Siyahi project where textile experts, art historians, writers, musicians and performing artistes brought together for the first time the rich diversity of storytelling depicted on Indian textiles.

From Empire To Emporium, a special exhibition curated by Emma Tarlo that stimulated a debate between students and established fashion designers on the relevance of homespun cotton (khadi) in contemporary life.

IT in Craft, a unique exercise with the Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, to understand how to integrate new technology breakthroughs into strengthening and improving craft-based activities.

The Window, a special year-long non-sale exhibition of modern Indian art with the support of Osianís, which allowed students and collectors to observe significant works of contemporary art.

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