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Trend Forecast
Published: Volume 17, Issue 11, November, 2009
It is all about being mighty, a notch higher than just assertive


Spring is not the only time for blooms. Brighten up the end of the year with some ferns and petals. Dense thread embroideries like Parsi gaara and machine satin stitches can make anything look opulent. Shaded motifs in a variety of sizes create amazing depth in patterns. Multiple colours or a single tone – the key word is impact. Delicate blossoms are dormant; flowers are strong and bold, perhaps symbolising the neo power-dressing woman. Oriental lilies, English roses, Dutch tulips or Indian marigolds can adorn a taffeta trench, a satin shift, or a velvet skirt, or even weigh down lighter fabrics like georgette and chiffon.


This is a giant trend. Power dressing reaches comical or sinister proportions. The shoulder, being the focal point, receives extremely imaginative attention. Batman, jet planes, shark fins, wrestler biceps and triceps inspire creators to drive their experiments over the edge. Practical or impractical – that is for you to decide. Sculptural or ‘molding’ treatments, positioning of the armhole, pleating, fusing, stiffening, interlining or addition of flaps are among the numerous techniques that are being explored. Those who prefer an impactful but subtle approach, may opt for sharp squares, soft origami and measured shoulder padding, which look great even in ethnic clothing.

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