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Published: Volume 17, Issue 8, August, 2009
Step out of the closet and cast inhibitions aside, dressed in vibrant shades. Unveil your colourful persona this monsoon

Loving and living

Why limit colour to your wardrobe? Splashes of bright hues in the living space create a quirky, kitschy aura. Whether pop-art inspired prints, a painted wall, or some bold upholstery, the idea is to have accent areas in your home. Sure shot conversation starters.

Rock on!

Bright + Bling = Glamour Glory! Flaunt and dazzle them all. Some baubles, a watch, glitzy shades, bag charms – the idea is to be a starry diva. Watch others writhe in envy as you go ‘tut tut’.

Face it

Eyes, lips, face, nails – electrify them all with near neon shades. Make-up and hair inspired by Manish Arora, Zandra Rhodes or Comme des Garçons are bound to take the style quotient up by several notches at any occasion. Shock them, surprise them. Even better, shock or surprise yourself.

Wear without fear

Colour lessons for girls and boys – statement apparel and accessories. Paint the town red, blue, purple, anything. Psychedelic prints, stripes, textures, dyes or embellishments are all the rage. Of course it takes more than a bit of courage to carry these off, but you will slowly but surely master the art.

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