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Trend Forecast
Published: Volume 17, Issue 8, August, 2009
March into fall in leggings to die for. And tell the skeptics to just zip it!


Plain black is boring. Tights, leggings, stockings, slacks whatever you call them have evolved from being style supplements, to major statements themselves. Go wild with colours, prints, dye effects and textures. Experiment with stripes, checks, patterns. Stretch the material board from just hosiery to coated nylon, faux leather, new age knits, meshes and more. Of course, slender is the keyword for most experimental styles. Shapely pins are imperative; else, we advise to tone it down a notch.


The humble zipper is the centre of attention, as designers across the globe find new ways to romance it. Whether conjuring naughty images with a pair of leather trousers, or being ethnic sporty by teaming a sari with a bomber, there is enough versatility here. Broad, narrow, metal or plastic, this formerly functional element has now decoratively jazzed up many an outfit and accessory. Whether assertively straight or swirling in curves, single or multiple, used as a closure or as an edging, this is quite the style statement this season.

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