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Published: Volume 17, Issue 8, August, 2009

Breguet’s new take on a venerable tradition

From emperor-general Napoleon Bonaparte to the intrepid Stephen Maturin of Patrick O’ Brian’s Master and Commander novels, a plethora of legendary men, whether real or fictional, have cherished their Breguet watches. ‘Wonderfully accurate,’ as naval surgeon and spy Maturin says of his beloved timepiece in Blue at the Mizzen. ‘Astonishingly resistant.’ Taking the tradition forward into the 21st century is the new wave of Breguet’s Marine watches, with their emphasis on workmanship and styling making the elegance of the line a fashion unto itself.

Heirs to the exclusive timepieces built by Abraham-Louis Breguet for the Royal French Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, the Marine watches take on a contemporary feel with their clean lines and cutting-edge styling. The imaginative associations of, for instance, pink gold and white gold, or titanium and silicon, are matched with straps in rubber, leather, satin or metal bracelets. Altogether, they embody a trim sportiness that underscores their capacity for endurance and their impeccable design, complete with the distinguishing presence of crown guards, and instantly identifiable wave pattern that have long set the line apart.

This year’s new generation of Marine watches come equipped with the watchmakers’ latest alarm movement. The collection has also acquired an horological complication – Breguet’s celebrated brainchild, the tourbillon regulator. With the Marine Tourbillon Silicon Chronograph, the collection sets new standards of style. And the Marine Royale comes with an alarm device that can only delight both amateur divers and lovers of exceptional complications. These watches form the perfect accoutrement to the wrist of the Breguet man, be he emperor, super spy, or simply in the habit of excellence.

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