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Timely Elegance
Published: Volume 17, Issue 6, June, 2009

Striking a balance between old-world luxury and contemporary style, the Reine de Naples collection from Breguet is a statement timepiece

Marie Antoinette, queen of France wore Breguet. So did Empress Josephine and Caroline Murat, queen of Naples. The elegant jewel encrusted timepieces with their coin-edge cases, guilloche dials and blue Breguet hands have adorned the wrists of European royalty for the past centuries. The Reine de Naples collection pays homage to a bracelet designed for Napolean Bonaparte’s sister, Caroline, queen of Naples. The avant-garde collection includes watches with moonphase indicators, dials with oversized numerals, woven string bracelets and the sparkling Haute Joallerie collection.

The collections features a beautiful egg-shaped carry case, open-tipped blue Breguet hands and sapphire crystal casebacks. Keeping the contemporary woman in mind, the watches are automatic with power reserves of 40 hours. Every Breguet customer’s name is retained in a book by Breguet as has been their tradition for the past two hundred years. The list includes Winston Churchill, Tsar Alexander the First of Russia, Louis XVI and Queen Victoria.

The luxe Breguet watches have touched the fairy tale lives of some of the most exquisite women of the world and the Reine de Naples collection continues its quest to touch more lives today. Modern selective women thus become the watch’s muse and inspiration.

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