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Crooner With Chutzpah
Text by Mamta Badkar
Published: Volume 16, Issue 3, March, 2008
Sowmya Raoh knows a thing or two about singing

She has always led a life steeped in music. Despite having successfully transitioned from south Indian cinema to Bollywood with her song Aankhon Me Raho for the critically acclaimed film Company, Sowmya Raoh still finds good work hard to come by. “But I’m happy to be surviving here in a dignified way.” The songstress is gifted with a passionate voice that’s forceful without being overwhelming. She acknowledges that her ability to mould her voice to different kinds of songs is her greatest strength as a vocalist. Confident and poised, Sowmya strikes you as someone who’s well aware of the pitfalls of playback singing. As she wisely admits, playback singers normally don’t get to choose much. “Till we land up at the studio, we usually don’t know the song at all. Nonetheless I try to do as much justice to the track as possible because finally, all that matters is a job well done.” Touché.