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Glittering Heights
Photographs by Adil Jain
Published: Volume 15, Issue 6, June, 2007

This seasonís bold new looks take inspiration from glamour, glitz and sparkle. The look is graphically defined eyes, bright lips and flushed cheeks, with lots of glitter

Arabian Fantasy
Black liner with silver shimmer eyeshadow makes for a classic evening combination. Apply a thick line on the centre of the eyelids to give a fish-shape to the eyes.

Foundation, M.A.C Mineralise medium; blush, Bobbi Brown Pink Shimmer Brick; eyes, M.A.C Smoulder eyeliner pencil, M.A.C Carbon eyeshadow, M.A.C Black glitter powder, M.A.C Opal Pink pigment, mascara, Lancôme Fatale; lips, Lancôme lipgloss, Siren.

Earrings (used on hair), by Shaheen Abbas, for Flower Child, at Cypress, Mumbai.

Orient Express
To tone down glittery eyelids, apply eyeliner in a shade that contrasts completely with your eyeshadow. This will also give an oriental look to the eyes.

Foundation, M.A.C Mineralise medium; blush, Red Earth Rose Glitter; eyes, M.A.C Fantasia eyeliner, M.A.C Melon pigment, Red Earth Rose Glitter; mascara, Lancôme Fatale; lips, Makeup Forever lip colour, Estee Lauder lipgloss, Rainbow Prism.