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Beauty Buzz
Published: Volume 15, Issue 5, May, 2007

Absolutely the latest and hottest in make-up and beauty. Fast forward to drop-dead gorgeous mode

Shining Glory
Shiseido's newest range comprises new shades of lipsticks that shimmer brilliantly. Available in a variety of pinks, reds and oranges, they not only provide extra shine to the lips but are long lasting as well.

Eye Opener
Put away those dark eyeliners. Instead, sport fresh, flirty shades that make the most of your peepers and are perfect for the summer. Use a fun-coloured eyeliner pencil on your lash lines and blend well. Finish up with nude gloss on your lips for a clean look.

Lip Sync
Like your face, your lips also need protection from harmful UV rays. Use a sunscreen especially formulated for the lips, with an SPF of at least 20, to avoid wrinkles and excessive darkening and keep your kissers soft.