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Eye Contact
Photographs by Akash Mehta
Published: Volume 15, Issue 1, January, 2007

Shiseido weaves magic with colours you might not have tried before.... Sport these cool hues on your eyelids to look hot this month

Powder Blue and Brown
Quick Tip:
Ideal for black hair and brown eyes.

Eyes: Hydro power eyeshadow, # H5; quad eyeshadow, # Q4; eyeliner pencil, black; advanced volume mascara # AV1; eyebrow eyeliner pencil, #2; lips: lipliner pencil, #2; shimmering lipstick, SL 2; cheeks: accentuating colour stick, #S2.

Blue topaz and diamond yellow gold ring, chalcedony and diamond ring, blue topaz drops and diamond white gold ring.

Green and Gold
Quick Tip:
Best for brown hair and brown eyes.

Eyes: Quad eyeshadow, #Q3; eyeliner pencil, black #1; advanced mascara, AV1; eyeliner pencil, #3; lips: lipliner pencil, #2; perfecting lipstick, #P21; cheeks: multi shade enhancer, #2.

Lemon topaz and white gold ring.