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Verve's Luxe List!
Published: Volume 14, Issue 4, July-August, 2006

Verve zooms in on the high-end attractions in the market

Exude positive energy from within to make the world seem a beautiful place. A woman finds her solace in herself and her family, radiating the 'perfect glow' of absolute contentment. L'Oreal's UV Perfect Ultimate Protection Fluid sustains a woman's perfect inner, feminine glow. Posing as the new secret to a flush and luminous complexion, it comes with a top-of-the-line technology that regulates every step of the skin pigmentation process. Skin care that protects and perfects, naturally.
Mirroring the signature British mode of 'classic without conformity, elegant without effort', Burberry London launches a tantalisingly unique fragrance for women. Complete with top notes of honeysuckle, heart notes of tiaré flower and base notes of musk, it comes up with an everlasting touch of subtle sexiness. Available in stylishly packaged bottles, it conjures up the time when English aristocracy defined our culture and sense of style.
Wrap them, drape them or simply sport them with elan.... It is time to shine by experimenting with Heritage's simple and tasteful pashminas, cashmeres, hand-woven jamevars, scarves, knits and shawls.Keeping in tune with fashion's latest statements, Sisley, Cinderella and Royal Goddess are but a few of their styles that spell sophistication and elegance. Pick one and note the difference. Instant glamour indeed!
Flying high with colours of white, green and red, the hues of the Italian flag, Moschino launches its new fragrance for men. Eulogising an 'indissoluble and deep bond that unites forever' and 'solidarity even more passionate and overwhelming during one's younger phases of life,' this perfume is the fragrance of friendship. This perfume is a must-buy for every man allowing even the most macho of men to bring out his innermost sensitivity!
One of the world's largest skincare brands, Ponds, offers products that genuinely work. The brand's new age solution product - Skin renewal foam - thoroughly cleanses the skin without disrupting its gentle water balance. It contains Glycolic smoothening serum that helps old skin cells, Ginseng extract that improves the health of the skin - rejuvenating it considerably - and Vitamin E that makes the skin soft. A way to make time stand still.
Contemporary man knows exactly who he is with Versace's new fragrance: Versace Man - Eau Frachie - the fragrance of elegance and seduction. Especially invented for the man whose 'strength is in his soul' and who boasts of a 'bubbly and nonconformist personality,' this tantalising fragrance does him full justice. Gone are the days when charisma and confidence were the only characteristics that distinguished a man. Today, it's all about style and how you wear it.
Galliano's exclusive collection - the Dior Christal Noir, a limited edition of 47 magnificent watches - is adorned with the magic of baguette diamonds and sapphires, guaranteed to create a startling twinkle. This timepiece - dark, mysterious and eye-catching - blends a mixture of mesmerising craftsmanship with inimitable design. The watches purr perfectly in sync with time... so essential in defining style....
A trend-setter through generations and the brand known for transforming horological dreams to reality now launches two new revolutionary styles. Tag Heuer lives up to its high standards of telling the time with its latest range of watches, displayed in the Monaco Sixty Nine and The Carrera Calibre 360 lines. The timepieces complete casual and formal attire with perfect panache. Time almost seems irrelevant when the timekeepers make a mark fashionably!
The French were always known for their sophistication, their subtlety in style, their originality in dress and their eternal mystery. Lacoste, the famous French lifestyle brand, outdoes itself once again with the introduction of their Spring-Summer collection 'Preppy for Women.' Their eclectic mix of English and primary colours are a refreshing change, giving elegance and chic a new meaning. Bring vitality into your life, with a different way of dressing!
Whoever said sports was a man's forte, lied. Nautica, the leading global lifestyle brand that specialises in sports wear, recognises the sporty potential in the Indian woman. Opening two upscale and beautifully designed showrooms in Delhi and Bangalore, the brand brings its glory to India. Their new spring-summer collection is an expression of their active and adventurous approach to life, and aims to spice up a woman's way of dressing, starting now.
It is the perfect destination to get an all round training in grooming. The Juice Academy gives valuable inputs about hairdressing - not just about haircuts and colour, but also about selecting the perfect haircut for an individual's face and texture of hair. The entire experience at this high end salon is not only about looking good, it's also about feeling good!
Enveloping and seductive, Bvlgari's Rose Essentielle is dedicated to the sophisticated and modern woman. Paying homage to the everlastingly popular floral emblem, the rose, the perfume creates a mesmerising and lasting effect. Its scent is musky and light - a combination of varied natural elements...the ottoman rose, the prelude rose, blackberry and violet leaves. Its ethereal essence recreates the magic of nature, in subtle and soothing ways. Try it for a refreshing effect.
Inspired by the bracelet watch created for Napoleon Bonaparte's sister, Caroline, the Queen of Naples and made by Breguet with its customary care and precision, it is the new symbol of feminine refinement in contemporary jewellery. Refuting the stereotypical prejudice of being considered masculine, the brand's new line of watches, 'Reine de Naples', for women, fulfils secret desires, even as the jewelled creations make a statement wherever you go. It's time to wear them with pride....

Greasepaint never looked so good. Catering to the Indian woman's discerning tastes, Max Factor highlights her ethnic beauty with its new range of cosmetics that enhance her authentic appeal and exotic charm. The international giant is Hollywood's choice of cosmetics as seen in classics such as the Titanic and Bridget Jones Diary and boasts a range to suit almost every taste. It makes looking beautiful so easy....


After spending months in the scorching sun, there is no better way to celebrate the monsoons than by indulging in Notandas & Sons' new monsoon collection. One of the main roles of a woman is to 'look' the part she plays - whenever, wherever. Welcome the refreshing rains by adorning yourself with the jeweller's exquisite water drop earrings or their colourful finger rings set amidst gleaming diamonds. Make your mark as a woman of today...in style!
It is time to look as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside. Surya Design Line's new creations are all set to woo the fashion conscious. In varying hues, the trendy outfits flatter every figure. Check this maroon strap shoulder outfit with sequinned embroidery and floral motifs to dress for effect!
The Trussardi woman exemplifies elegant creativity and a natural manner clothed in inimitable glamour. The brand's new spring summer 2006 collection focuses on inspired matches and mismatches.... The accessories - all available in a variety of hues - conjure up a lively look in the fashionably classic style. Elegance redefined, indeed.
It brightens your face, matches your mood and enhances your smile. Yves Saint Laurent newly-minted lip care products add colour and zest to a woman's smile so that she never has to feel invisible again. Available in natural colours, the new range is guaranteed make your lips look perfect and give your face the perfect finish. The touch of gloss allows you to sparkle, even as you smile.