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Designer Baubles

Text by Nisha Jhangiani and Photographs by Fabien Charuau

Published: Volume 14, Issue 4, July-August, 2006

It's the razzle-dazzle brigade's day out and boy, has the giggle quotient gone up some notches! Three jewellery designers and a silversmith, along with their celeb pals, share some girlie moments and cheery banter. Nisha Jhangiani finds herself caught up in the joie de vivre...

Niharika Khan and Simone Singh.

Delicious Kunal Kapoor was supposed to be part of this frame, but that was before I took two and a half hours to reach JW Marriott, before Simone took another two hours after me, before the Marriott manager, whom Niharika had discussed the shoot with, called in a sickie. And so, unbelievably, the shoot is called off - before KK even reaches the venue. We hurriedly reschedule to a couple of days later, but this time Niharika graciously agrees to trudge the few but excruciating kilometers to The Taj in Colaba. Everyone arrives bang on time, except for Kunal, who cannot make it due to another commitment in Versova. Fabien clicks away amidst tea, biscuits, a gossipy exchange of a private dinner party crashed by unknown paparazzi, and Niharika's future business plans of going solo with her 'Purple Porcupine' store label. Ten minutes and we are done. Now, if only there was some way I could ever reach Juhu in that kind of time!

Farah Khan and Dia Mirza.

I have a great working relationship with Farah. Over the phone, that is. Ever accommodating anytime I need a quick interview or a few quotes, she doesn't fail me this time either. She only requests a more sport-oriented location as opposed to something dainty like a nail bar - "I have never had my nails or hair done in my life! Please, please let me play pool or something!" she pleads. And, I have to agree to push this shoot post when Dia returns from Dubai. If stretching the deadline date to accommodate this duo was not trial enough, our temperamental, but absolutely lovable and gifted French photographer calls me apologetically, two days before we are to head to JW Marriott again (what I would do for a private chopper!) to reschedule. What more could go wrong, you wonder? My dates do, I am off to New Delhi for a previously planned Chanel shoot. Luckily, my gang of three pulls off a fantastic shot without me.