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Broken Existence
Text by Neha Gupta
Published: Volume 22, Issue 3, March, 2014

Anando Dutta’s work is aptly titled Fractures In Colours for it wisely glares at the flaws in humankind

Design in art can be manipulated to emulate the nuances of humanity – evil or kind. And these emulations can only be clever figments of what we envisage. Anando Dutta’s Fractures In Colours is one such interpretation – inspired from the many rants and voices that his domestic help brings with her each week. Hope and longing for equality and respect are the shades on his canvases that stand out in bold imagery for anyone to deduce this depiction in their understanding of life. The hues fall short a few notches from vibrancy, stopping at a tint that screams alive, yet morbid. All this is a mash of the hostility in which we as humans have unfortunately adapted to breed with messy borders and all too familiar distorted facades.
Fractures In Colours will be available for viewing by appointment at ARTISANS’, Mumbai.

Differences create interesting reasoning, especially when the artist sees himself to be unusual. Pallav Chander perceived his dyslexia not as much a disability as it was a hindrance. Decoding A Dyslexic Mind is almost an autobiographical series. Each piece of this oeuvre is a plucking of memory from his troubled days. The mindful occurrence of hand prints on his pictures are just a reminder of the many memories lived by the artist.
Decoding A Dyslexic Mind is showing at Passage Art, New Delhi till March 31, 2014.

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