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Sunning In The Serai

Photographed by Aneev Rao

Published: Volume 22, Issue 3, March, 2014
A versatile bikini, resort-friendly sheer kaftans, slashed pleated dresses, fishtail braids and chunky jewels to keep intact your uber fashionable persona... you are ready to welcome the call of the wild!

Styling by Nisha Jhangiani.
All Clothes, Bags And Shoes From Gucci
Make-up by Meghna Butani.
Hair by Toni&Guy HairMeetWardrobe, Tania Travers (Anima Creative Managament).
Model courtesy: Lisa Haydon, Bling Management.
Location courtesy: The Serai Resorts, Bandipur.
Stunning location, a true sense of the wild, blooming forest foliage surrounding every nook and corner, luxurious comforts and the most impeccable service possible – a travel package doesn’t get better than this. Every room connects to an outdoor balcony or roof top terrace so you’re never far from nature. Start your day with a piping hot South Indian breakfast before taking a dip in a pool embraced by forest hills. A quick lunch and head for an afternoon safari where it’s not uncommon to chance upon a merry herd of elephants splashing around in their makeshift pool, a tiger nonchalantly crossing your path and a smattering of deer obliging you with the perfect pose for your wildlife picture. The spa is your perfect stop post the adrenaline rush; take your time to savour a signature coffee based massage and then head to the charming bar for a calming red wine. End the evening with Malabari parathas and home-style chicken curry and then curl into bed only to be woken with the call of chirping birds and maybe a spotted deer peering through your courtyard. This is what bliss was meant to be.

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