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Quixotic Visionary
Text by Nittal Chandarana
Published: Volume 22, Issue 2, February, 2014

Earlier acclaimed for her documentary Gawah, storyteller, conveyor of cinematic truth and unabashed explorer, Gauri Chadha is busy ‘chasing frames’

Right now, Gauri Chadha is in the midst of writing her first feature film. Rewind to 2012 when she made Gawah, the critically-lauded documentary on Partition and the 26/11 blast victims. Ask her what its most prominent stand-out feature was and she states “The unity among people. There is a togetherness that silently exists.”

At 27, Gauri is driven and confident. A writer-director-producer, she has been educated at some of the most illustrious film-making institutes in the world and worked with the finest in the field.

Born in Delhi, brought up in Dubai, Scotland, Switzerland and Miami, she has finally chosen Mumbai to begin her film-making venture. “I never felt like an outsider in India but this city can be overpowering.

When I got into the industry, I just thought of it as organised chaos. Everything is different; but the language of cinema is universal. In India, it’s an ambiguous journey. I look for answers that I don’t always get and I like that,” she says.

Her production house Chasing Frames has been producing short films for quite some time now. Why ‘Chasing Frames’? “Because that’s what I’d like to do all my life,” says the young director.

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