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Impressive Flavours
Published: Volume 22, Issue 2, February, 2014

ITC Hotels, the dynamic hospitality chain with hotels spread all over India, pays particular attention to its restaurants, throwing up iconic outlets for Indian as well as Western cuisines creating edible art on a plate

ITC Hotels bears an unmistakable aura of culture, and a deep-rooted sense of pride. World-class luxury complemented with signature Indian hospitality is the standard that each hotel individually lives up to. Food being an integral part of Indian culture and heritage is fittingly accorded pride of place within the group.

ITC Hotels more than lives up to its cuisine credo of ‘Globe’s finest Indian, India’s finest Global’; be it the robust flavours of the North-West, which have been elevated to no less than an art form at Bukhara and Peshawri, with consistency and panache for the past 36 years. Or the 200-year-old culinary legacy from the royal kitchens of the ‘Nawabs of Awadh’ served in a setting fit for kings at Dum Pukht. Or even Dakshin, where the traditional cuisine of the four states of South India has been crafted in their distinct styles and spices for the last 25 years. Add to these, the recent international offerings such as Ottimo, edo, Pan Asian and the established West View which bring forth the best of the western world on a plate and it is evident that ITC Hotels has mastered the craft of creating edible art and is an exemplar and flag-bearer of cuisine in the country.

The success of ITC Hotels’ cuisine brands is no happy co-incidence. Meticulous research, vision and the study of culinary traditions have all contributed to consistently developing award-winning luxury dining concepts. Bukhara was launched over three decades ago when niche restaurants at luxury hotels were unheard of. Being the first to recognise the significance of region-specific restaurant brands in the luxury hotel dining space, ITC Hotels began researching traditional Indian cuisines and garnering recipes which found their way into experimental kitchens where they were further polished to create winning concepts such as Dum Pukht, Dakshin and K&K. The tradition of presenting researched and refined cuisine concepts continues at ITC Hotels, with the newly launched Royal Vega at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai – India’s first luxury vegetarian cuisine restaurant, based on ancient Indian culinary sciences and perfected for modern day dining.

The status of ITC Hotels as the pioneer in taking Indian cuisine beyond our shores is evident in the global accolades that it has continued to receive over the years. Bukhara’s sustained global acknowledgment as the ‘Best Indian Restaurant’ in the S. Pellegrino Top Restaurants of the World and Dum Pukht being awarded with the ‘Best in Country’ at the coveted S. Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best restaurants as well as being ranked amongst the ‘Classic Restaurants of the World’, are a few that come to mind.

While ITC Hotels’ Indian culinary brands continue to be recognised; its enthusiasm in presenting international dining concepts is evident in the success of brands like Pan Asian, West View, edo and more recently the popular Ottimo – Cucina Italiana (Italian Kitchen) at the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai.

With an ability to dish out award-winning dining concepts which are generational favourites, consistently adding to its cuisine offerings and developing restaurants into culinary brands, ITC Hotels has developed a culinary repertoire which is the envy of the Indian hospitality industry today.

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