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Backstage Confidential
Published: Volume 22, Issue 2, February, 2014
Get ready for the runway

Inspired by the glamour and magic of the runway shows at Lakmť Fashion Week, the Lakmť Absolute Salon in Mumbai is dedicated to bringing the same glossy finish to your face, body and hair. I walk into a chic space that echoes the hallowed backstage areas of Fashion Week, cloaked in black, with select shows playing on a screen, and presently, a selection of fashion accessories from Valliyan by Nitya, to play around with. The music is all energetic show music that instantly gets your feet tapping.

I havenít had a facial in a while so I ask for a consultation with the skin expert. A quick, yet thorough evaluation follows, where Iím questioned about my habits and my skin is evaluated on the basis of six parameters, which include elasticity and sebum levels. She suggests a facial with RepÍchage products Ė a natural yet highly effective line that is derived from sea salts and seaweed. A gentle cleansing and scrub later, my face is steamed for a bit, before the most gentle extraction. Moisturising lotion is followed by a mask, to seal in the effect of the facial, and as I breathe in the gentle peppermint scent, the therapist offers me a foot or hand massage. I gleefully accept the foot massage that doesnít skimp on thoroughness, and adds a skip in my step to the glowing effect of the facial. I canít stop touching my face and I know where Iíll be going the next time I want to capture the radiance again...

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