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Glugging Electronic Tones
Text by Neha Gupta
Published: Volume 22, Issue 1, January, 2014

Music festivals have been burgeoning in India – and there was a plethora of them last year. The finale was the Enchanted Valley Carnival and it was one worth circling on the calendar

It all began with Sunburn ’07 being the ‘it’ place to be at. And then the crowd got bigger and a few got rowdier and the festival became very accessible. Soon it was more about elbowing for space and less about grooving to the beats. Sunburn may have been seeing some loyalists exiting from its circle, only because these people’s energy to party sought other avenues for a weekend of euphonious euphoria. Storm Festival, Windsong Music Festival, Rajasthan Fest, Submerge Festival, and NH7 Weekender touring the country brought a whole lot of respite from what used to be the only congested gala in Goa.

It felt like the country was taken over by a surge of eclectic genres that appealed to varying age groups. Organisers took from international stages and brought them to Indian soil. Last year has been all about music festivals. Enthusiasts may have wanted to hop from one event to another, to get carried away on reverberations that unify the world in melody. And then the finale was the Enchanted Valley Carnival by Amby Valley. To compare this to Tomorrowland – even if on a minuscule scale – wouldn’t be incorrect. Three stages, not very far from each other saw crowds vaulting from one artist to another. DJs and singers like Anish Sood, Indian Ocean, Raghu Dixit Project, Shaa’ir + Func, Umek, Myon & Shane 54, Dualist Inquiry were all there. There seemed to be uniformity in the vibe exuded by the audience – very bouncy, very relaxed. It was an invigorating three-days-away indeed; and one that promised a population that was nicely sifted from those who only pretended to be in sync with electronic dance music. No wonder the crowd was everything but cliquish.

Some set themselves up inside the Amby City. Others deemed a full circle experience by pitching their tents in the camp area – bring your own or call dibs on one of those already set up. And did this area have it all – barbecue, non-stop music, board games, hula-hoops, just about everything that allows for an absolute festive feel. It wasn’t like those in the city missed the fun. There was just as easy access from their chalets to the ground – for those who couldn’t be bothered to stroll.

When hunger struck, a row of food stalls satiated the pangs. When the mood dug in with wilder heels, funky kiosks beckoned accessorising. And then bang in the middle of the revelry were two hot air balloons. Of course jumping in for an aerial view of which you’re a part was exhilarating. And adding to this, tall glasses that could hold a bottle of wine, with a straw for spill-proof drinking and dancing was the epitome of ‘carnivalising’ it.

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