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Just Say Si
Published: Volume 22, Issue 1, January, 2014
Perfumer Christine Nagel infuses the charm of her Italian roots into the new fragrance from Giorgio Armani

To which olfactory group does the new Sì fragrance belong?
The chypre structure was chosen as it is the incarnation of Italian chic and instantly creates an allure. But this is no ordinary chypre – chypre is often treated in a very baroque fashion, while we crafted it in a minimal way. We stripped it down to discover the very essence of its framework, like a reflection of Mr. Armani’s ultra-modern cuts. We used just a dash of patchouli, blended with an extremely sophisticated amber note, Orcanox™*. This combination adds an exceptional vibrant dimension. This is a sort of nude chypre – a theme around which everything is expressed. An olfactory texture used like the fabric of a new Armani creation. We also wanted something audacious and innovative. Blackcurrant is often used in perfumes to give them their fruity note. We have recreated and transformed this ingredient like alchemists by giving it a unique texture thanks to a new extract known as Jungle Essence™* blackcurrant. This is a syrupy blackcurrant, with nectar that is almost black. It is sensual, dense, intense and addictive. This is a new interpretation of fruit in perfumery, in a textured way.

What are the other ingredients that make up this fragrance?
Inspired by the work of Mr. Armani, who draws on a sound tradition with regard to the quality and fabrics, we therefore naturally chose rich, sophisticated raw materials such as vanilla absolute whose carnal, sensual and animal nature highlights the syrupy aspect of the fragrance. The floral part of the fragrance blends a graciously feminine freesia, recreated in an imaginary and poetic manner, with a noble, ethereal and high-quality rose.

What inspires you when you create a fragrance?
Pleasure, gourmet food, flowers, travel... When we are given the opportunity to create a perfume for Mr. Armani, we explore the visual wealth of his entire universe, from his fashion shows to his boutiques. We also handle the fabrics and materials. We expose ourselves to all these elements and allow inspiration to grow and guide us.

What is your own essential Sì?
I would say “Sì to myself” and “Sì to strength,” because women today wear fragrance for themselves, like an affirmation. I would add: Sì to emotion and Sì to encounters. The creation of a fragrance involves a great deal of personal investment and sensitivity, which can then be shared....

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