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Nestle In Luxury
Published: Volume 21, Issue 11, November, 2013

The Lux Belle Mare Resort offers more than a resort experience with especially blended coffee, a vintage phone booth and a bar on wheels!

A stay at the Lux Belle Mare Resort in Mauritius, can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Much-awaited vacation for a family, wedding destination for a couple, weekend getaway for workaholics or a week of unadulterated luxury; seven days of self-indulgence at what can be described as the best stopover abode Mauritius has to offer.

At 45kms away from the airport, Belle Mare lies on the east coast, easily the most picturesque Mauritian location. A very hospitable staff welcomes guests to the resort and ushers them to their villa upon arrival. A view of the pristine waters from the window, an impeccably clean and well-furnished room and a towel animal on the bed – the Mauritian sojourn begins.

Besides the customary fare of resort activities such as a striking swimming pool, activities for children and adults alike and excellent transport facilities, Belle Mare has its own surprise share of treats. And herein lies the beauty of a stay at the Lux chain. These additional signature facilities offered are what sets it apart from the rest.

The Lux Chain takes its coffee very seriously – a cafe lies at the heart of each Lux Resort with a specially designed organic brew – the Island Blend! Complete with a fantastic ambience, aroma of coffee beans in the air and a wide selection of magazines to browse through, Cafe Lux is every self-confessed caffeine addict’s dream.

There is a phone home facility that saves time and money spent on making each call around the world. A vintage phone booth is put up that enables one to make as many calls as one wants, to wherever one pleases. A more convenient or proficient perquisite has hardly been seen before. It is a simple, thoughtful gesture on the part of the hotel but adds a million bonus points to its credentials.

The food deserves a special mention. Gourmet enthusiasts are in for a treat. Restaurants are found aplenty in the venue itself with The Kitchen – the main eatery here, Senses for a taste of the Indian Subcontinent, East for the perfect pan-Asian twist and the undisputed favourite – The Beach, wherein one can relish many meals by the ocean. Salads and Mediterranean dishes form the best part of the menu.

A constant favourite is the Secret Bar. A wardrobe on wheels that opens up into a bar. And this has a new address every day. Rumours run rife among the guests... it was spotted by the pool today, yesterday it was by the beach. One takes great pleasure in trying to locate this each day of the stay, for who wouldn’t like living in puzzling Wonderland?

There is also a sprawling golf course here. Shades of green riddled with little pools of water and the longest putt at a distance of 566 yards makes for an afternoon of some challenging golf. Other sport activities include kite-surfing for the brave-hearted and swimming with dolphins. A cruise to the west coast fixes a tete-a-tete with spinner and bottlenose dolphins.

Another interesting feature is LuxMe. The spa at Belle Mare offers a wide array of soothing activities to retire with at the end of an exhausting day. An especially attractive service is the Wellbeing Safari that includes yoga in a natural setting. Among other activities that stand out is a cooking class and their Vitalité experience.

The Lux Belle Mare Resort is an ideal choice for a Mauritian tarriance. It is so in sync with the general mood of the country – be it the perpetual vacational nature of the place itself or the air of pre-meditated serendipity. It delivers its promised offer of a dream holiday.

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