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Musical Charm
Text by Neha Gupta
Published: Volume 21, Issue 11, November, 2013
Elie Bernheim, director, Raymond Weil, has comfortably filled his fatherís shoes and is looking to impress his Indian clientele with vibrancy, music and variety

Architect for beautiful chronometers, the Swiss brand Raymond Weil has been wowing its fans with its wristy prowess since 36 years. This time frame has seen the brandís launch, its handover to the next generation and now, the continuing of its legacy to the third generation. For this purpose, Elie Bernheim, director of the company visited India to meet his market and survey possibilities of the luxury labelís expansion onto more wrists.

What is exclusive and unique about the third generation timepieces?
I am in charge of the design of all our timepieces, which are exclusive. They are my personal take on what I like. So if you like my taste, thatís great! We are also very dynamic with the special content that we are launching for the Indian market. We have developed a Facebook page solely to convey a clear, specific, special message to our Indian audience.

What is Raymond Weilís position in India?
In order to be a key player, our development, in terms of communication and human relationships is focussed on giving even more to our refined range of watches. We are also in the development of a special edition for India that we hope to launch next year. For me, the music in connection with this special edition will be more colourful.

How important is music to Raymond Weil?
Music has been another passion for my grandfather, father and me. For us, it is the perfect form of communication, especially since there are very less brands associated with it. Everything we develop, not only in terms of product, even communication is all about music. We are the official partner of the Brit Awards Classic and soon to be part of the US Music Awards. We also support different charities Ė and they are about music too. You see, itís a 360 degrees involvement and commitment of the brand to music.

Do you see the brand partnering with any music industry in India?
We are looking to develop something for next year and the year after. Whenever we do partner, we have to act quickly, think and adjust to a strategy. We need to find something interesting enough for Indians. We canít share anything about our plans yet as itís a little too early.

Do you think we can see music in your designs?
Yes. For each of our seven collections we have different music. We developed something to add music inside the collection as well. Itís a long process, which you will see the year after next. But next year you will see a special box with a special piece linked/connected to the music.

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