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Elegance In Stone
Published: Volume 21, Issue 11, November, 2013
Beautifully stylised jewels embody the essence of grace as Bulgari displays its creativity in a precious range – The Diva Collection

“People can’t live without aesthetics”.
-Paolo Bulgari

These words define the core of the House of Bulgari and explain the sheer poetry that is infused into their pieces.

A romantic history that blends seamlessly with the essence of the brand ensures that all Bulgari creations are infused with a certain expressive, dream-like quality.

Historically, the Bulgaris descend from an ancient family of Greek silversmiths whose activity began in a small village of Epirus, where Sotirio, the founder of the family, made precious objects in silver. He then went on to set up a shop in Rome.

The first decades of the 20th century were important for Sotirio’s sons, Giorgio and Costantino, who developed a passionate interest in precious stones and jewels and learnt the secrets of the trade, gradually taking over their father’s role. From then, the brand grew steadily, with the opening of several stores in Paris, Monte Carlo, Switzerland and overseas in New York.

Today the Bulgari creations, renowned for their distinctive, bold and contemporary style, are highly appreciated by an international clientele fond of high quality and unique design.

Keeping in spirit with their ideals, charm and femininity are the key words of The Medium High Diva Collection. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from white and pink gold play with a geometric pattern that is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s make-up in Cleopatra.

With its exquisite combination of full and empty volumes, the symbol that inspires this collection takes on the three-dimensional shape of a delicate chalice. The elegantly stylised petals blossom sumptuously, adorning rings and pendants with lavish forms, interspersed with bright pavé diamonds.

The pieces in white gold are covered entirely with pavé diamonds, and the delicate fans are transformed into elegant clusters with a vaguely Eastern allure. On the pendant necklaces, the single or double pattern punctuates the thin chain to produce a light, sophisticated final effect. In other pieces, the ethereal whiteness of the pearl serves as a counterpoint to the lustrous surface of the gold, recalling the unusual combination of materials that is typical of Bulgari.

The collection takes on a touch of joyful vivacity in the pieces that are adorned with beads of amethyst, peridot or rubellite, providing the small central diamond with an unmistakable hint of light. This playful shape given to the precious stones offers a modern reinterpretation of the renowned cabochon cut that has been used by Bulgari since the end of the 1950s. Each of the cut stones is then carved in the centre in order to insert the diamond.

Characteristic to all of the pieces is the perfect wearability that is typical of Bulgari jewellery, expressed here at its best with a balance of geometric and rounded shapes, and in the gracefulness of the elements which gently follow the movements of the body, adorning it with a chic and casual style. The different elements are cleverly linked together to allow for smooth motion at each part.

She is the epitome of style and grace and so is the muse for Bulgari’s Diva collection – Carla Bruni Sarkozy, a stunning model and lyricist, who became the First Lady of France by marrying the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. Her ability to reinvent herself and diversify her talents without losing her identity is key to her being chosen as Bulgari’s icon of charisma.

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