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The One
Published: Volume 21, Issue 11, November, 2013
A super serum to fall in love with

Not much can be said about Diorís One Essential super serum that you arenít already aware of. Part of the Capture Totale range, the detoxifying booster serum has seen phenomenal success since its launch, with one bottle sold every minute in the last year. Recommended as the most fundamental step in skin care by Dior, it is particularly necessary if you live in a city with the pollution levels of Mumbai.

Even with all the information available, I was a little hesitant to try One Essential. Blessed with the kind of skin that mirrors my stress levels pretty accurately, it takes very little to cause an outbreak. Most sunscreens are too heavy for my skin and I used to have to choose between UV protection and moisturiser. The thought of adding another product to my skin was enough to make me check closely for hives, so I spoke to Dior Skincare Expert Lauren Watts about my concerns. ďIt is the universal beauty ally of modern women, regardless of your origin. For all skin types, it deeply detoxifies skin, allowing it to glow with newfound radiance. It also has regenerative properties and intensely repairs, for revitalised skin that is smoothed and fine lines that are softened,Ē she said.

Ready as I was now to jump onto the One Essential bandwagon, it was her final words that convinced me. ďThe formula helps to boost the effectiveness of your usual treatmentís active ingredients and with continued use, your skin regains its vitality,Ē Lauren ended.

Iíd been trying out a serum with hyaluronic acid, but wasnít impressed enough to commit to it fully, so it had found its way to the back of a drawer. I dug it out and put it to work with the One Essential. Never one to stick to a regime, I persisted for two weeks and found that One Essential delivers on all its promises. My skin was refreshed and plump with moisture. The final test of its efficacy came when I returned from a protracted illness with a glow that had people convinced Iíd been faking it. With results like these, itís safe to say that One Essential has found a place on my dresser for the foreseeable future.

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