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In A Snip
Text by Wyanet Vaz and Viseshika Sharma
Published: Volume 21, Issue 11, November, 2013
Straight off London’s style directory, SAKS hair and beauty experts share trends with Verve....

Alison Dace, Creative Director, SAKS Academies London

Current hair trends
Casual is a big trend regardless of hair length. Hair must look healthy and glossy, but not overly styled – it’s all about the loose textures now.

Popular hair colour
Something that we’ve been doing alot in the UK is the dip-dye effect. It has got that lazy drift of beach-blonde streaks.

The latest from SAKS
Our latest collection is called Desire. For women who want to play around with volume, we have created a look called Tousled Tresses. Updos are considered a bridal look, but we have a softer and more commercial take on it. For a glamorous effect we have created a retro vibe that can enhance your look on a date night.

Kirsty Jewson, National Beauty Manager, SAKS London

New offerings at SAKS Salon
The Mumbai salon exclusively offers Elemis products – the range is clinically backed to deliver results. If applied regularly, we guarantee that you can see a marked change in the skin tone, texture and hydration.

Trending beauty treatments
Technologies like micro therapy and needling techniques to enhance the penetration of advanced ingredients. With the boom in surgical procedures, we are trying to bridge the gap with non-surgical solutions that enhance results.

A quick make-up fix
An illuminator gives your skin a dewy look and is an instant pick-me-up.
-Wyanet Vaz

Verve chats with perfumer Karine Dubreuil about L’Occitane’s Collection de Grasse – fragrances inspired by the famed hub of scents

Why the combination of magnolia and blackberry?
Magnolia unites strength with femininity. Blackberry, with its light-hearted berry note, gives colour to the fragrance and brightens the head notes. Magnolia & Mûre will delight women who want a refined, mysterious fragrance that reveals itself over time.

What makes bergamot so identifiable with Grasse?
The fruit is named after the Italian city of Bergamo, where experts distilled the citrus and sold the essential oil at a high price. It has become a symbol of the entire region and the city. In the 18th century, people in Grasse used to make painted and varnished boxes from the Bergamot peel.

What would you regard as the definitive fragrance memory of your childhood?
Every ingredient from the collection brings back memories from my childhood. Magnolia reminds me of my grandmother’s garden in Grasse, how it would bloom in the spring, the multiple flowers in shades of pink and white bring gaiety to my eyes. I always cherish the memories of the jasmine fields in Grasse, where I used to help harvest the flowers, but I also love the opulence of jasmine in the freshness of the night.
-Viseshika Sharma

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