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An Adventurer’s Life
Published: Volume 21, Issue 10, October, 2013

His passion for fitness fills his days and defines his persona. Actor Sachiin Joshi shares elements of his adrenaline-fuelled days

SPORTS AND FITNESS ARE INDISPENSABLE TO MY LIFE I am passionate about life. Sports are just one aspect of it. And fitness is an integral part of me. I consider it as essential as eating food – if you have the time to eat, you should be able to make the time to exercise and keep fit too. When I’m not working, I’m probably at the gym, playing a sport, exercising, doing yoga… I make time for at least one activity every day.

I ENJOY A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES I work out, play football, cricket, go deep sea diving, sky diving, skiing… and I enjoy every nanosecond of it all. I support a sports academy in Pune, where we aspire to create Olympians who will do the nation proud. We also support cricket and various other sports. The dream is to hold the Indian flag high. Apart from this, there is One Fitness Hub & Spa, which is the only 24-hour gym in Mumbai; the spa goes by the name Kriya. Since this one space offers you both a salon and a spa, it is a complete 360° fitness and relaxation experience.

I FOLLOW A DISCIPLINED EXERCISE REGIME I was a sportsman from very young age. I played football, cricket, tennis and swam. Seeing photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired me to begin exercising. Initially I used to blindly work out like a bodybuilder, which is not exactly the right way. But now, it’s totally different since my trainer Prashant Wadhawan, who is the strength and conditioning coach and nutritional therapist at One Fitness Hub & Spa, helped me understand what I actually need rather than what I love to do. To me, fitness is not just about looking good, but about feeling great about yourself, with that perfect balance of physical, mental and holistic wellbeing.

I AIM TO HAVE A BALANCED BODY No one is perfect, but you should strive to work for a balanced body, and that ultimately means perfection – this is my motto. My fitness regime is simple – I follow periodisation, covering training for every aspect, like hypertrophy, strength, power and endurance. This is necessary to prevent injuries and for structural balance. Honestly, I follow what my coach decides, and in addition to this, of course, an ideal diet helps – a mix of everything natural. I stay away from sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners and breads.

I ENSURE THAT I WORK OUT BETWEEN BEING AN ACTOR, AND A BUSINESSMAN I dedicate half my day to work and the other half to my passions. I am awake for 16 hours and eight of these are dedicated to fitness. I love the creative aspects of filmmaking. My wife Raina, aided and guided by my core team, helms the film business.

I BELIEVE ENERGY DRINKS REJUVENATE YOUR LIFESTYLE. I have launched an energy drink, XXX Energy – the name says it all. Besides producing energy drinks, we take pride in creating other products that can help you quit smoking and aid in weight loss.

MY NEW ROLE AND FILM HAVE TAKEN US TO NEW TERRITORIES My latest venture is an edge-of-the-seat entertainer, interspersed with comic touches, and sees us attempting to showcase Goa in a never-before manner. Jackpot, directed by Kaizad Gustad, has me essaying Francis, a man who is very earthy, yet smart and shrewd. As an actor, he is an interesting character to portray. For Jackpot, we’ve shot in crocodile-infested waters, run through stretches with unmarked quicksand and braved insects of all shapes and sizes. It is the perfect mix of my profession and my passions, and it was fun!

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