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Q & A with Kalpana Shah
Published: Volume 21, Issue 10, October, 2013

Author of Whole Nine Yards

What led to the idea behind publishing a coffee-table book on the different ways of draping a sari?
My interest comes from a desire to popularise the sari and extend its fame all over the world. I want women to know and experiment with different ways of draping a sari. I canít personally guide every one of them. I donít want this wonderful art to be restricted to a few. This is my humble effort to present this craft on the world stage.

How many styles of draping a sari do you know?
I know more than 150 ways.

What kind of saris comprise your collection?
Mostly I have chiffons, georgettes and Kota.

Which is your favourite way of draping a sari?
The retro style.

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