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Destiny And Drama
Text by Shreya Shah
Published: Volume 21, Issue 10, October, 2013

Verve dips into the latest literary works and emerges with a mixed bouquet of elegant prose and contemporary style

Fahad Samar
HarperCollins Publishers India

The book begins with a sharp observation on todayís psyche Ė the fact that a majority of the world requires its dedicated, daily dose of scandalous gossip. The book ticks every box in creating a drama worthy of a masala Bollywood film. Ricky Kumar is about to be a movie star, he has arm-candy in the form of Rhea Zaveri, his mother dotes on him and his father has set a benchmark in the industry. Enter the twist in the form of Gautam Goyal. Furiously paced and delicious, itís not just mirthful but also a page-turner that forces you think about todayís decaying morality.

Karisma Kapoor
Penguin India

When chic and stylish Karisma Kapoor speaks, you are definitely drawn to listen. Doting mother to her two children, in this book she shares anecdotes and tips, both fun and insightful. Easy and conversational in narration, itís fun to have a celebrity conduct a regular, woman-to-woman discussion. She talks about all the concerns of everyday mothers Ė from eating right, finding the perfect maternity wear to throwing stylish parties. My Yummy Mummy Guide is a fun-filled guide to everything from from losing the pregnancy weight to looking glam at every stage.

Gauri Jayaram
Jaico Publishers

If youíre looking for a book that is light and yet deals with regular, everyday occurences, Wise Enough To Be Foolish is a good start. It is a fictionalised memoir that traces an Indian girlís life, from being an uncertain adolescent to a woman that comes into her own. Itís not about any one particular theme, but rather several small little stories that flavour the larger tale. Itís not a bumbling account either, it is well-structured and charming. It has opened to rave reviews and has appealed to both, the thinking woman and the one who craves a satisfyingly commercial read.

Popular Prakashan

A 400-page coffee table publication, it releases along with An Open Frame, a film on S.G.Vasudev, a painter who belongs to the generation of artists who began exploring the possibility of an Indian identity within contemporary art. The book chronicles his life and work, and shares some of his thoughts too. Designed by Joono Simon, a majority of the pages are devoted to visuals of different forms of art work such as paintings, drawings, copper reliefs and tapestries. It also includes contributions from well known photographers, art historians, critics and connoisseurs.

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