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Perky Spectrum
Text by Wyanet Vaz and Photograph by Ryan Martis/ Location: Gallery Chemould Prescott Road
Published: Volume 21, Issue 7, July, 2013

Kanchi Mehta dips into multi-disciplinary forms of art with her individualistic outlook and unique perceptions. Founder of the Chameleon Arts Project, the Mumbai and Goa-based curator and artist, effortlessly presents path-breaking projects

Art smart
Degree in Painting from Sir J.J.School of Art, and a postgraduate in History and Connoisseurship in Art from Christie’s Education, New York. Founder and chief curator of the Chameleon Arts Project.

Key shows
Nostalgia, Pride & Fear at Gallery BMB and Did Anyone Notice at the Diesel store in Mumbai, Prague Biennale 5 at Microna Ceskoslovenskeho, Prague and Golden Quadrilateral at Maxxi Museum, Rome.

First lessons
This is the ideal way for me to bring together creative minds, work with like minded sensibilities, experimental projects and path breaking concepts.

Curatorial eye
My perception of art has changed over the years. As a student, as an intern, and now as a professional. I look for aesthetic, originality, process, concept and above all, emotion. This is why I love to work with young and emerging artists with such qualities.

Curatorial philosophy
As an artist, I understand the psyche and the role of another artist. I can interpret the language and translate it to the audience. My philosophy is that, as a curator I take this role as sacred, and honour every artist of every genre. This in itself makes every day a celebration, and each and every project a milestone. I read avidly and write as much as I can, and love to spend time with artists in their studios.

Your kind of art
The type of art which attracts me is very cutting edge. I am drawn to more intellectually driven works, be it paintings, installations, photography or sculpture. As a avid art collector, I buy street art as well, from inventive artists.

Chameleon Arts Project
The Chameleon was established in 2005, and I brought this into the forefront to converge all my experiences towards empowering the artistic community in India and Europe while establishing stronger foundations for the young and experimental artists. The project is for the artists and by the artists, and so it makes a perfect match.

Art in your home
The art in my house is very radical and cutting edge. Over the years I have collected over 300 works of art – installations, prints, photographs, paintings, drawings and sculptures which rotate in my home and studio.

What’s next
I am working on a very exciting curatorial project in Goa, which I find extremely thrilling. It’s going to be fantastic.

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